The Ultimate Guide for Facebook Video Ads that Marketers are Looking for!

Updated on May 28, 2020

Online users on Facebook can effortlessly use their time in watching some interesting and innovative videos. Advertising your company is a really great marketing strategy today that the ad maker keep in mind.

Facebook video advertising is a major source for attracting customers. Marketers get a chance to reach 2 billion people available on Facebook and show them their products. Through Facebook, the advertising needs of a company can easily be fulfilled. It is probably the easiest way through which one can conquer their marketing plan.

Some reasons as to why Facebook video ads are the best! 

  • The total population of current users on Facebook is 2 billion, and you can get a chance to attract the attention of these consumers through creative Facebook ad videos.
  • Each day, people spend a lot of time watching videos online.
  • Compared to Facebook photos, videos receive a 135 per cent greater coverage.
  • More than 500 million people spend time watching videos per day.

What is the best application for making FB ads?

It is a new marketing goal to build effective and unique Facebook video ads effortlessly. While there are many software and tools available, the best one we recommend is InVideo. You can change the course of your targeted traffic and engagement by making stunning Facebook video advertisements with this tool. This free Facebook video ads creator can skyrocket your brand marketing with its dynamic features.

Things you should know before you make the Facebook video ads

Target audience, motive, and service matter the most while making a Facebook video ad. 

But, if we talk solely about the video, then it depends on three major elements: 

  • Length

It’s important to make the initial section of the video interesting or eye-catching otherwise people will stop after the first 5 seconds. Manage the video content such that the audience can be hooked within the time limit. The maximum limit for Facebook feed video is 240 minutes. 

  • Background sound

The best-supported sound ratio for Facebook feed ads is 16:9 to 9:16. You can try to keep the wordings and motive clear and add audios wherever required. Along with that, you can also try to design it like a silent film with catchy descriptions and subtitles.

  • Aspect ratio

Mobile phones offer the value of traffic in any marketing business. You must remember to make videos vertically within the aspect ratio of 4:5, 2:3. If it is a fullscreen resolution, you can use a 9:16 ratio. Vertical videos will provide a better experience to the audience.

Get started with advertising

To create a good user experience, one must know how to get the most out of Facebook ads. The right way to do it is to take your time, do the research and then implement. You can take the example of how the ad creator tools work on a Youtube end screen video. 

Several critical aspects for creating your very first Facebook advertisement are mentioned below:

  • Research about your competitors

It would be best if you did a thorough study on what your competitors are doing through their Facebook video ads. You can go to their landing pages and find out if they want more clicks, purchases or just awareness. The info you get will help you create a better ad for yourself.

  • Use new ad features

You can work for the companies that are currently using new features and learn how you can use the same techniques for improving your ads without any investment.

  • Share campaigns with prospects

The best way to engage targets is to share your active campaigns on Facebook. They can notice it in their news feed and might even make a purchase. 

How to use the target audience to improve your Facebook ad videos?

You don’t need to focus on the quantity. What matters the most in the category of your target audience is who is most likely to watch advertisement videos coming from your end. Targeting the right audience is necessary as they are the ones who can make a purchase.  

People should at least like your page to act as the targeted audience. You can also find a custom audience and build a list of people that are hyperresponsive to your video ads. Also, you can use multiple Facebook events to gather information about people and their interests. 

Types of the targeted audience are mentioned below:

  • Website visitors

To gain more website traffic, people who visit the page should always be targeted first as the default option.

  • Product page visitors who never purchased

Such individuals act as a custom audience for you that can get attracted with the alluring videos you will create, using InVideo preferably. For that, you might have to know their preferences.

  • People who saw the landing page but did nothing more

The audience of this category can be targeted to Facebook ads just like the website’s custom audience list mentioned above. You can explicitly make Facebook ads for the people who you don’t let their guards down even after going to the landing page.

  • Audience keenly observing the contact page

The service business is very suitable for this kind of category who are interested in joining the team. It includes people who visited the contact page but didn’t fill in the details.


Facebook video ads are the best medium to convey your marketing plans with people. By using tools like InVideo, you can easily create attractive ads while ensuring to optimise it for both desktops as well as mobile. You will have to keep the title catchy and rest of the description well enough to engage the audience in one view.

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