The Top Reasons Why Botox Is So Popular

If you have never heard of botox before then where have you been? The Hollywood staple has made its way all over the world, with it no longer just being something that celebrities and VIPs use, but something that is now accessible to everyone. However, if it is something that you have never before used, then you might likely be wondering what all of the fuss is about. Well in order to shine some light on why it has become so popular in recent years, we have put together a list of top reasons as to why this is the case. 

It Is Safe To Use

Although it might be something that you have only heard about over the last few years, botox is not a new thing. It is a tried and tested treatment that has been safely and effectively used on many millions of different people throughout the world. There are very few in the way of negative side effects to worry about when using botox.

It Is Not Overly Invasive

Unlike some forms of plastic surgery, there is very little discomfort or downtime from going under the needle. Although, of course, you should not expect the same level of long lasting results with botox than what you would from getting a highly invasive face lift. That being said, there is no need to be subject to a general aesthetic, which comes with its own dangers, or have to prepare in order to go into surgery. Any side effects that are experienced or only very minimal and quickly go away. However, these are very uncommon with a highly skilled doctor administering the injection.

It Can Be Used For Different Things

Although it is most popular for its wrinkle vanishing properties, its original purpose was for bringing under control spasms of the eyelid. However, today botox has much wider reaching uses, which include preventing excessive sweating, stopping neck pain, fighting off strong migraines, controlling overactive bladders, treating problems with eye muscles, and combating stiffness.

It Is Highly Effective

For the purpose of making wrinkles go away and to combat various other medical issues, botox is highly effective. When used to fight off the signs of old age, it works by causing certain muscles in the face to become much more relaxed. It is this process that gives the face a much smoother complexion overall. However, the effects of botox only last for some three to four months and is not a treatment that is permanent. For this reason, it is something that needs to be administered time and time again, in order to fully reap the benefits of it and maintain a smooth complexion. 

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