The Top 7 Reasons Why Men Don’t Go to a Doctor

Men commonly have a shorter lifespan than women for one simple reason: they refuse to go to the doctor over a health issue or for an annual check-up. This refusal can unfortunately impact their quality of life and can prevent them living to an old age.

It is, however, time for men to stop making excuses and to start caring for their physical and mental health each day. However, to convince males to start seeing a doctor, you first need to identify what could be holding them back. Here are the top seven reasons why men don’t go to a doctor.

1. They Believe They are Healthy

Many men tell themselves they don’t need to visit a doctor for a routine check-up because they believe they’re healthy. Yet it’s impossible for a person to know if they have a clean bill of health until after they visit a doctor.

It might come as a surprise to learn that one-third of all heart attack patients do not experience any warning signs. Instead of waiting for symptoms to appear, they must stop a health condition in its tracks to restore their health.

2. They Are Embarrassed

Many men often allow their pride to stand in the way of their health. Yet doctors do not judge their patients. Their sole goal is to help them make a swift recovery, so they have a greater quality of life.

There are some conditions that men do not want to talk about due to the stigma attached, such as erectile dysfunction, male infertility, or Peyronie’s disease. However, they can schedule an appointment with a urologist, who will have extensive experience with the above health issues. They’re specialized in dealing with the common complaints, so men will realize they’re not alone when living with a condition.

3. They Believe a Problem Will Disappear

Most health problems will not disappear on their own, but many men will try to tough it out until the problem spirals out of control. It doesn’t matter how small an issue or symptom might be, it’s crucial to visit a doctor for a medical examination.

For example, if a troublesome cough doesn’t disappear after a couple of weeks, it’s vital to visit a doctor, as it could be a symptom of an underlying health issue, such as chronic bronchitis, an infection, congestive heart failure, or cystic fibrosis. No-one should ever leave a potential health condition to chance, as they might only realize their mistake once it is too late.

4. They Can’t Afford Expensive Medical Bills

It’s common for men in the United States to avoid visiting a doctor due to expensive medical bills, however, if a man is not willing to invest in medical help, their health might be forced to pay the price.

Many doctors might be happy to prescribe extra samples of a prescription to help save a patient save money. It’s also wise to review a medical bill for potential errors to avoid paying more money than necessary. While a patient might not want to pay for healthcare, doing so could add years onto their life, so it will be worth it.

5. They’re Afraid of What They Might Hear

Many men will happily ignore their health in favor of an unhealthy lifestyle, such as drinking, smoking and/or eating too much. If a man does not care for his general health, he might be afraid to hear about the consequences of his lifestyle – and he might not want to give up his bad habits.

As a result, it might feel easier to ignore his health than to confront the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately, this will only lead to their health declining even further. Ignorance is bliss until it isn’t.

6. They Believe There is No Point

Many men believe they receive very little back for spending money on a check-up. For example, when a man visits a barber, he receives a haircut. If he visits a dentist, he get his teeth cleaned. However, as doctors will only perform tests, it’s easy to feel as if you are walking away with nothing.

While there might not be an obvious change, visiting a doctor can either provide a patient with peace of mind that they’re in perfect health, or it could lead to a treatment or procedure that could help to resolve an issue.

7. They Tell Themselves They Don’t Have Time

Many men tell themselves they don’t have time to visit a doctor. This is, in fact, not true, as everyone has time to care for their health, no matter how busy they are. However, they might tell themselves they are too busy due to all of the other reasons listed above. A routine examination will be a small fraction of a person’s day, so it’s time for men to make an appointment to discuss their physical, mental, and sexual health.