The Top 5 Natural Fat Burners For Weight Loss

Updated on May 18, 2020

Losing weight is no easy task and most people who are struggling to lose their excess body would love to experiment with fat burners. The name itself, Fat Burners!’ sound like a miracle and that’s exactly what creates all the confusion. 

They sound simply too good to be true! Can eating certain foods really help burn more body fat? Is it just wishful thinking or do they really work? Let’s see what scientific research has to say on the topic of natural fat burners and the five most popular natural fat burners.

The Mechanism of Natural Fat Burners 

Fat burners such as caffeine, green tea, yohimbe, guarana, green coffee, etc. work in different ways to promote fat burning.

1. Fat Burners Trigger Thermogenesis 

Some fat burners work by raising the core temperature inside the body cells. This process of thermogenesis helps jumpstart the fat loss process. The energy generated during this process helps reduce body fat and the more sweat is created from the resulting heat leading to a decrease in the body’s water content. This reduces bloating and the sudden loss in body weight, even if it’s water weight, in the beginning, motivates people to stick to a weight loss regime of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

2. Fat Burners Promote Fat Burning

The burning or break down of our fat cells into fatty acids is called lipolysis. Fat burners such as caffeine and capsaicin increase epinephrine levels in the blood and contribute to this fat breakdown. Stimulants in fat burning supplements, such as green coffee berry extract and guarana, also promote lipolysis.

3. Fat Burners May Reduce Hunger Pangs

Hunger is what motivates us to eat and eating more calories than required is what makes us fat. To lose weight, we need to reduce our calorie intake. But when hunger pains hit, we tend to lose all our motivation to stick to our diet plans. We often end up overeating if we feel too hungry. Not feeling such strong hunger pangs would surely be helpful in cutting down on our total calorie intake. Some fat burners do exactly that- they reduce your hunger pangs.

4. Fat Burners May Work As Appetite Suppressants

Even if you don’t feel hungry, you may still want to eat. This desire to eat is your appetite and this can even turn into strong compulsions of wanting to eat certain foods, even if you just had a filling meal. There are fat burners that work to aid your fat loss efforts by suppressing such food cravings and appetite.

5. Fat Burners May Block Receptors in Fat Cells

Most of our weight loss efforts end in despair when we end up regaining most of the weight we lose. Fat burners such as Yohimbe, extracted from the tree bark of Pausinystalia johimbe, a tree native to Africa, may help your fat loss efforts by blocking the receptors in fat cells. 

5 Natural Fat Burners For Effective Weight Loss

Whether you choose to use fat burning supplements or you want to add fat burning foods to your diet, it is vital to know which foods actually offer you such benefits.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most commonly found ingredients in fat burning dietary supplements. Extracted mostly from coffee beans, caffeine is naturally found in many foods such as cocoa and green tea. Caffeine is proven to boost body metabolism which, in turn, promotes fat burning.

A study conducted to investigate the effects of coffee have noted a 16% rise in metabolism over a period of one to two after the caffeine intake. Other studies have noted at least a 3 to 4% rise in resting metabolic rates of study subjects after administering 100mg doses of caffeine. 

2. Protein 

A diet rich in protein helps increase satiety, the feeling of being satisfied after a meal and it also helps you feel full for longer. This helps in suppressing appetite and reduces food cravings. Protein also aids in fat burning by boosting your metabolism. 

Another benefit of protein during a weight loss journey is that it helps prevent muscle loss. Low-calorie diets with inadequate protein intake result in loss of body fat along with weakened muscles. Replacing carb intake with proteins in fat-reduced diets have been found to lead to faster weight loss.

3. Green Tea Extract

If you are trying to lose weight and have done any search on this topic, you will have already heard about green tea. Various studies have been conducted over the weight loss benefits of green tea. 

They work as fat burners by boosting metabolism and by inhibiting fat absorption. According to, it has been noted that active compounds in green tea, called catechins, increase fat oxidation. Green tea also contains caffeine which adds to its fat-burning effects.

4. Dietary Fiber

Fiber has many important roles in our health. It aids digestion and helps food move faster through the colon. It adds bulk to stool and enables better bowel movement. As a fat burner, foods with high fiber content work by making us feel fuller and suppressing hunger pangs. This increases the usage of fat for fuel. Studies have found that high fiber intake reduced fat-digestibility, meaning your body does not absorb much fat from the food in the first place.

5. Yohimbine

Yohimbine intake relaxes and expands blood vessels and thus improves your blood circulation. This increase in blood circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to cells and helps us feel more energetic. 

Yohimbe works by blocking alpha 2 adrenergic receptors in the body to free up stores of adrenaline. More energy means more action and this translates to more fat getting burned.

The Final Note on Natural Fat Burners

Including natural fat burners such as green tea and caffeine, as well as, increasing your protein and fiber intake are great ways to boost your weight loss effort. There are multi-ingredient fat burner supplements available online that help simplify your efforts to include such ingredients in your diet. 

Keep in mind that these fat burners are not magical pills that quickly work to melt off all your fat. They work only in combination with a healthy diet and adequate physical activity. But they do help enhance your weight loss efforts and achieve your goals faster.