The Surest Way to Attract More Business

Updated on September 16, 2012

Today, all organizations face the same financial challenges—with lower revenues and limited resources, how do you decide what should or should not be cut from your budget? We’re even watching something similar unfold on a national scale right before our eyes with the national debt. By my count, it’s been about four years since individuals and organizations have had any disposable revenue.

However, all organizations still need to attract more business and customers to bring in more revenues. And that’s where we come in. We are in a position with our print and online platforms to partner with you to help you gain more visibility. While you are trying to take care of your internal needs and resources, we’re here to provide services to keep you visible in the marketplace.

Are you seeking more business clients? 

Become a partner with Western Pennsylvania Hospital News. We cover the whole continuum of care. Our audience includes healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses, hospital executives and department heads, insurance providers, hospice, home care and nursing home administrators, healthcare students, university and allied health school professionals as well as suppliers of products and services to the healthcare arena.

Do you want to connect with consumers? 

Through Pittsburgh Healthcare Report, you can reach a consumer healthcare market to boost revenues and create new opportunities. It’s the first and only digital consumer health publication in the region.

Not only can you reach our audience through traditional print advertising, but you can take advantage of our social media channels and online platforms. In addition to the 10,000+ monthly visitors to both websites and the 40,000+ people we reach in print through Hospital News, we have an expansive social media network that you can tap into.

Through social media, we post the best of what we’re reading, watching and listening to. We also promote our customers through these channels. It’s a great supplemental resource to the hundreds of monthly articles that we offer our readers through the website.

Collectively, among our staff, our social media stats include:

Twitter—2,685 followers

Facebook—1,480 likes and friends

LinkedIn—2,950 connections

That’s 7,120 potential online daily readers of your ads, articles, videos and other content.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities. We hope you will consider looking at us as the same way you would other media—whether it’s your local TV station, radio, or community newspaper. We have been a trusted source for clinical and business news for 26 years.

We’re always here to engage with you and to help you to engage with your clients and prospects. While you are attending to your business, we can attend to your positioning.

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Throughout the year, our writers feature fresh, in-depth, and relevant information for our audience of 40,000+ healthcare leaders and professionals. As a healthcare business publication, we cover and cherish our relationship with the entire health care industry including administrators, nurses, physicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, and more. We cover a broad spectrum from hospitals to medical offices to outpatient services to eye surgery centers to university settings. We focus on rehabilitation, nursing homes, home care, hospice as well as men’s health, women’s heath, and pediatrics.