The strength of the teeth and the impending risk that it has our health

Updated on August 17, 2020

Who could have possibly guessed the power of our teeth? The teeth are mightier than anything else was a notion that had never crossed anyone’s mind until and unless they have suffered the intense toothache and swelling of the gums. The swollen gums and the feel of prolonging pricking pain in the affected area have the power to make any sane mind act up. To a few, it still may sound amusing until reality strikes. 

This pain is avoidable with proper care taken. The disease linked with oral health is entirely under control, with ways of prevention if appropriate care is a regular basis. If you’re looking for top dental clinics for regular check-ups, be sure to check out this Dental clinic in south loop.

Addressing the condition and what follows next

If one is facing immense pain while chewing food or upon application of even the lightest pressure, then there are chances of tooth decay. Swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums and darkening of the tooth add on to the list of indications. Not to forget the deviously continuous pain that one feels after exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures. These are a few primary symptoms that are screaming out for booking an appointment to the dentist.

The dentist will first determine the depth of the tooth decay by performing an X-ray of the infected tooth. If the nerves of the tooth are decaying at an alarming rate or the infection in the pulp is worsening then a root canal procedure is advised by the dentist to tackle with the pain and suffering.  This is the time with piercing pain to make a wise decision whether to go on with the procedure or opt for alternatives to the suggested root canal treatment.

Why should the alternatives to the most common root canal treatment be considered?

Firstly, one should be aware that there are still many controversies lurking around about the procedure of the root canal treatment. Treating a decaying tooth has been done by the dentist for a long time now. Removing the much visible decaying part of the tooth and leaving the rest of the portion wholly exposed. With time and advancement in medicine and technology, a crowning of the tooth became a mandatory part of the procedure.

The real-time danger starts now, after the crowning of the once decaying tooth. The root canal treatment remains a flawed procedure. The root canal procedure progresses with drilling holes into the tooth so that the dentist can remove the decaying and the infections.

During the removal of the pulp, the doctor makes in the best efforts to sterilize the affected area, but it is nearly impossible to do so because of the continuous flow in of blood and saliva. The bacterial components remain at the site of the infection. The bacterial components produce pathogens which directly mixes the bloodstream in the form of toxins. These toxins were streaming in the blood for long period causes other health issues. 

Root canal treatment can causes chronic diseases and sepsis. 

The skepticism still taking round even today

Even today with better diagnostic, tools and medicine there are still criticisms about the root canal treatment for being the safest and the most effective treatment for treating a decaying and infected tooth. The result is to search for an effective alternative. 

Rejuvenation Dentistry Root canal alternatives are the holistic ways to have the infected tooth treated. A dead tooth can always create more problems than solving any. The dentist first understands the cause of the toothache in dept before undergoing any procedure. It is to treat the tooth effectively rather than treating the symptoms of a toothache.

The oral health should not be forgotten while taking care of the whole body. Oral health care is as important as the health of the entire body. With the advancement in science, medicine, and technology newer treatments are available where the dental pulp undergoes devascularisation. Regenerative tissues therapies are emerging to be effecting in healing the pulp. These therapies help in rebuilding the nerve tissues that was once spreading infection or decaying.

Stem cell treatment and a few modern, innovative laser treatments have also proven to be effective than anything else. Whatever may be the scenario the dentist is only considering the long term health benefits of the patients. The dentist only works so that the patients face no problem in the near future due to a faulty root canal. The patient goes on to lead a healthy smiling long life after choosing not to go for a root canal treatment.

Although, the same dentist concur that the side effects also depend on the individual patient’s nutrition level and the defense mechanism of the body. The immunity system of our body primarily protects us from the dangers of bacterial, viral or any other infections related to the micro-organism. 

Preventing tooth decay in the first place.

We should always remember the proverb that prevention is better than cure. Every word of the saying is entirely true. Healthy oral care is the main thing that can prevent one from this ruckus. It is a regular job that should be in every individual’s to-do list. Being negligible isn’t advisable, and a healthy oral condition is impossible to achieve in a day or two. So being persistent is the key. 

One should regularly brush their teeth twice a day. One of the times being, definitely at night. The other time can be whenever the individual chooses to. Regular flossing and cleaning the teeth of debris and build up of plaque. Plaque in the teeth aggregates the spreading of the cavities. So a proper intense deep cleansing is necessary to avoid any issues or infections. The food that we chew throughout the day leaves behind residues which get trapped in the curvatures of the teeth.

Having a clean, healthy mouth balances the systemic system of our body. With a strong defense system, the body guards itself from any invasion that might be coming in its way.

Move ahead with the treatment of the root canal, but take a wise decision as to which procedure to opt for is important. Staying a long healthy life smiling away with all our teeth intact is the ultimate goal.

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