The Story of Excellent Health Care


Hospitals are filled with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals: men and women with the utmost respect for science. At the illustrious Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), these health care professionals also hold something in high regard that is presumably unscientific: storytelling.

MGH long esteemed for its rigorous science and technical excellence, takes time each day for something seemingly unscientific: telling stories. Why? Research has shown that in today’s high-tech, rapid-change environment.

Jeanette Ives Erickson, BNP, RN, FAAN; Marianne Ditomassi, DNP, RN, MBA; Susan Sabia, BA; and Mary Ellin Smith, MS, RN, share their model for creating, embedding, and fostering a narrative culture, ultimately creating a safer environment with improved patient care, interprofessional communication, and patient and staff satisfaction in their new book, “Fostering Clinical Success: Using Clinical Narratives for Interprofessional Team Partnerships From Massachusetts General Hospital.”