THE pt GROUP: 34 Years and Still Going Strong


Congratulations to the pt GROUP for celebrating 34 years! They recently posted an entry at its PT Pittsburgh blog which we shared below:

“I’ve been doing this blog for well over a year now and you’ll notice that I very rarely talk about my own practice, THE pt GROUP.

Well, today I am going to stray from that strategy because I am very proud to say that THE pt GROUP is 34 years old.

This is a quite an accomplishment. We’re a small business that has been going strong in a market filled with health care giants. While these giants sacrifice care in order to see more patients and maximize profits, we have stuck to our roots and put our patient care above everything else in our mission to help people rehabilitate from their injuries and ailments.

We’ve weathered the storms of recessions. We’ve adapted to countless industry changes and advancements in order to provide the most up-to-date care out there. And we’ve treated both our patients and employees with the respect they deserve.

Sure, there have been some tough times in the past 34 years. But that’s what makes me so proud of this practice. We have never sacrificed our goal of getting patients better, no matter what obstacles are thrown at us.

We’ve spent every one of our 34 years to building a reputation as the best physical therapy practice in the Pittsburgh area; and we’re still thriving to live up to that reputation every day.”

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