The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts For Smokers

Updated on December 2, 2020

When it comes to buying your dad a gift for Father’s Day, it is usually a pretty easy task, as if you can not think of anything, you can always fall back on the trusty under pants and socks combination that never fails to please. However, if like me, you think that your old man deserves something better than this, then it can be difficult to know where to even start with when deciding on what to get.

That is why we have put the list below together so that you can get him something that he truly deserves and that will put a smile on his face for sure. After all, this is the very least that your dad should get after bringing you into the world and raising you all of your life. Some of our favorite tobacco based gift ideas include…


Believe it or not, some companies produce fragrances with tobacco in so that the dark, rich, and intoxifying smell of the tobacco leaf is with you all day. This is one that your mum will appreciate, as well as your dad. We all know that our fathers can sometimes forget to take care of themselves and get a bit smelly. So for the sake of your mum’s Olfactory system you should consider getting a nice tobacco based aftershave.

Subscription Box

There are now a range of different companies based across the United States that offer tobacco subscription services, by which a box of different tobacco products is delivered to your dad’s door step each and every month. Some of the best well known ones include Tinder Box, Pipes and Cigars, and Burn Box. Depending on which service you go for, you could be paying anywhere between $30 and $70 per month. 

CBD Cigarettes

Using these is a good way of weaning yourself off of regular tobacco cigarettes. This is because they are much less addictive. Just like a pack of regular cigarettes packs come with 20 in and cost a similar amount. There are now many companies that produce these across the United States so there is plenty of choice to find ones that you like. Whilst it is not technically a gift for your dad, if your pop is anything like mine, and has a dog that they are absolutely in love with, then they will be very appreciative of a treat for their pet. Available at Verma Farms are a range of dog treats that come infused with CBD so that their dog can benefit from the many health improvements that the substance brings.

Tobacco Free Dip

Many dads across the United States enjoy using chewing tobacco on an almost daily basis. However, this habit comes with a range of different negative health implications. If this is your dad but you want to get him a slightly healthier option then check out the tobacco free dip available online at There are many different flavors available in order to suit all tastes.

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