The Orthopedic Institute’s Message Keeps Rolling Along

Updated on June 23, 2013

The next time you are out driving along local roads you may see a white Ford Focus in your travels that stands out from the rest of the vehicles you pass.

The car, which is used by Monongahela Valley Hospital’s lab to transport specimens from physicians’ offices and the Mon-Vale HealthPLEX to the hospital, is painted to encourage motorists to “Return to an Active Lifestyle.” Sporting the Hospital’s familiar teal shade, the vehicle also includes the distinctive logo of the Orthopedic Institute at Monongahela Valley Hospital on the hood and side doors.

“This is not your typical car just as the Orthopedic Institute is not a typical joint replacement program,” said Louis J. Panza Jr., president and CEO of Monongahela Valley Hospital. “The program is based on the fundamental principle of wellness which is implemented throughout the entire program.”

As Mr. Panza explained, the Orthopedic Institute incorporates advanced minimally invasive, analgesic, and rapid-recovery surgical techniques — with an environment that maximizes patient recovery through education, a culture of early mobility, family involvement, and group interaction. The result of this new approach to joint replacement surgery is less pain, quicker recovery, and superior outcomes according to national best practice studies.

Follow the Ford Focus to the Orthopedic Institute at Monongahela Valley Hospital, or for more information, visit or call 724-258-1218.

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