The Most Common Types of Knee Injuries Explained

Updated on June 4, 2021

About 526,000 sports injuries occur every year. Many of these injuries involve a sprain, strain, or another injury to the knee. Whether you enjoy football, basketball, or hockey, your knees are at risk. 

By learning more about the different types of knee injuries, you can get a better understanding of the treatment you’ll need.

Keep reading to learn five of the most common types of injuries you can sustain to the knee. In the meantime, make sure to play safe out there!

1. Fractures

Your patella, or knee cap, is responsible for protecting your knee joints from injury. A fracture is one type of kneecap injury you should remain wary of while you’re playing.

When you collide with someone or fall, your kneecap is usually the first to make contact. Your kneecap acts like a shield, protecting other parts of your knee joint. However, this can make your kneecap susceptible to fractures. 

While common, patella injuries are serious.

You might need to mobilize your need during recovery for the bone to heal. In other cases, you could need surgery.

2. Dislocations

When your knee bones move out of place, the injury is referred to as a knee dislocation. This occurs when a large impact to the knee, such as a fall or car accident, occurs.

In some cases, your knee will correct itself. However, it might feel sore for a while.

In more severe cases, you’ll need to have a doctor adjust the bone back in place.

3. Ligament Injuries

There are between 100,000 and 200,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears every year in the country. These types of knee injuries are very common in sports.

Ligament injuries occur when the knee is overextended. The ligaments are meant to keep your knee in place. When there’s too much force on them, the ligaments stretch or tear.

4. Meniscus Tears

Meniscus tear injuries are common in sports as well. These knee injuries occur when jumping or twisting is involved, making them common in football, soccer, and volleyball. When an athlete changes direction, it can cause your meniscus to tear.

Twisting, cutting, or pivoting can all cause a torn meniscus. The meniscus can also tear after wear and tear over time. 

Consider researching stem cell for meniscus tear as you explore your options.

5. Tendon Tears

While most types of knee injuries are common with sports accidents, a tendon tear can happen to anyone. These injuries are most common with middle-aged people who are running or jumping. An awkward landing after taking a jump can cause you to injure your tendon, too.

This leaves your tendon unable to support the overextension.

Falls often cause a stretched tendon after causing direct force to the front of the knee.

Know What You Need: The Most Common Types of Knee Injuries

Don’t risk your health or comfort. Instead, review this list of the common types of knee injuries. Take notice of knee pain or swelling of the muscles surrounding the knee if you believe you’ve sustained an injury.

If you think you’re injured, make sure to visit a specialized knee pain doctor as soon as possible.

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