The Influence of a Healthy Lifestyle on Education

Updated on November 11, 2019

Even though there is more information on healthy living out there, there are still students who choose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Many still don’t believe that there is a correlation between a healthy lifestyle and education. 

Well, aside from allowing yourself to live long, living healthily ensures that you have a fulfilling life. Even though everyone is bound to die, why would you choose to live poorly? Life is a sacred gift, and once you understand this, it gets easier to put in effort towards staying healthy.

Healthy living is not all about going for morning runs. If you work out but still eat junk food, you cancel out the good with the bad. You need to be very mindful when it comes to your body. Take care of it as much as you can because it carries you all your life. 

As a college student, make use of the school’s gym to stay fit. Also, instead of buying lunch for fast food joints, consider eating a fruit salad. Alternatively, you can always carry packed lunch each day.  In case you have an assignment that is due soon, consider enlisting help from a nursing paper writing service

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Boost your Productivity 

It’s no secret that it’s quite hard to function on an empty stomach. As a college student, you need to eat foods that keep you full for long. This way, you can go through your day without going hungry every 30 minutes. 

Make sure you eat healthily so that you boost your productivity throughout the day. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, put some thought into it. Wake up early, so you don’t end up rushing to class without eating anything. 

There is no way you will concentrate on what the lecturer is saying if your stomach keeps rumbling every five minutes. Since you have such a tight schedule, invest in healthy snacks that sort you out before you get time to eat a proper meal.

Help you Retain Information

Did you know that the food you eat determines if you can retain information or not? When you’re revising for an exam, ensure you eat brain foods that help you remember information. The last thing you want is to forget everything the minute the exam paper is set before you.

Ensure you research to find out foods you should avoid when you’re studying for an exam. This does not mean that you can eat junk food when you don’t have an exam. Since you have a dorm to yourself, invest in groceries, and cook your own food. 

Cooking your own food is also an excellent way of saving money. You could save money to eat at a restaurant every once in a while to celebrate your achievements. Cooking also gives you control over what goes into your body. You have an easier time dieting when you’re cooking your own food than when you’re always eating out. 

Give you Energy to Face the Day 

Studying is no child’s play. Many students have dropped out of college because the pressure was too much. If you’re to cope with the pressure, you need enough energy to go through a day. Ensure you eat well; otherwise, you might not make it to the end of the day.

As a college student, remember your body still very energetic. But if you don’t eat right, you’ll have a hard time coping. You already have enough on your plate, the last thing you want is to walk around starved. This, however, does not mean that you should overeat. When you eat too much, your brain has a hard time focusing in class. 

Your whole body will be focused on facilitating digestion. Ensure you eat appropriate portions to make the most of each lecture you attend. With a full stomach, it’s also very easy to fall asleep in class. 

Keep you Alert 

Imagine attending a two-hour lecture and then losing focus one hour to the end of the class? Imagine how much information will pass right past you within that hour? The foods you eat determine if you are capable of concentrating for several hours at a time.

As you know, most college lectures last for 2 to 3 hours. Focusing on this long can only be possible if you take care of your mind and body. You also know that what you eat has an impact on your brain activity. To stay alert during lectures, you need to eat healthily always. 


As a college student, you need to be intentional about leading a healthy lifestyle. Of course, it’s not easy because eating junk food every day is very tempting. However, remind yourself of the benefits of eating healthily as a college student. Instead of buying food at fast food joints, you’re better off eating a salad for lunch.

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