The Importance of Exercise for Children

Updated on April 16, 2021

Children are future movers and shakers in the making. Their developmental years are vital as they become the foundation for their adult lives. One of the main concerns when referring to ideal growth and development in children today is their fitness levels. 

Technology has made couch potatoes out of all of us. Children today tend to spend hours in front of a screen rather than going outside to play. Our more sedentary lifestyles are harming the children, threatening not just their health but also their development.

Getting our children to take up some form of exercise has become a recurring refrain from health experts and other professionals. Their admonishments are not to be relegated to the background. Heeding them can only be beneficial for your family. 

Why is it so crucial for children to exercise?

Exercise and health are intrinsically connected. The more exercise your children get, the better their health will be. Children who take part in regular exercise tend to be stronger and healthier than their less active counterparts.

Encouraging your children to exercise also builds their strength and endurance. As they move from activity to activity, their abilities are tested and enhanced so that they become better able to manage various tasks while their bodies grow stronger. They may find that their endurance is tested at different points of their development. Learning how to keep going when faced with challenges and obstacles, even those they find in the playground, teach them to keep trying and push their limits to get better.

Children who get adequate amounts of exercise draw the benefit of having better mental health. The more physical activity they take part in, the better their ability to manage and control their moods as happiness boosting hormones are released into the body more frequently.

Making regular exercise a habit for your children can have an exponential effect on their adulthood. If they grow up knowing that exercise is an essential part of day-to-day living, they are more likely to keep at it as they grow up through puberty and into independent adults. Being used to taking part in some form of exercise would encourage them to have some fitness routine when they live independently, thus enabling them to maintain a healthy lifestyle that could see them well into old age.

How Do You Get Your Children To exercise?

Firstly, note that children’s exercise can differ significantly from the exercise you undertake as an adult. For you, a workout may imply time spent on a treadmill, lifting weights, or figuring out big, complicated machines. Exercise for your children does not have to be so complex, and you do not even have to think of gym equipment! All you have to do to get your children the exercise they need is to encourage outdoor play. Allow them to run around with friends in the neighbourhood or participate in activities while in school. Your only concern should be monitoring their safety and wellbeing.

If there are inadequate outdoor facilities for their play or the area is not safe enough to allow your children to play in, you may bring them into one of our gym clubs in Sydney. Our facilities can be a space where they have lots of fun while getting some much-needed exercise in a safe environment.

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