The Health Benefits of Gambling

Updated on July 27, 2020

Gambling has been around for a really long time. In fact, some historians and researchers believe that it goes back a really long time to the Paleolithic days, to the times when there was no written history. In early Mesopotamia, in 3000 BC, people used to play with a six-sided dice and gamble. There is also evidence that suggests that a type of keno slips was used to fund state projects, like China’s Great Wall.

In modern times, we have seen thousands of gamers taking to it. They play with money seriously to win, or just for fun. Large casino houses have come up throughout the world in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau, Monaco, Baden-Baden in Germany, Melbourne, Singapore, London, Paris, and in many other places. There are many off-chore casinos too in so many cruise ships.

With the advent of modern technologies, high-speed internet, and mobile devices, now of course, there are many online casinos. Most gamers now play the games on the internet. Millions of dollars are transacted through these gaming websites. Casino gaming is now more popular than ever before.

Gambling Has a Bad Reputation

However, in spite of all this, gambling still has a bad name. many associate it to crime and even addiction, even though, most people who play are just like you are me – looking for a fast buck, some excitement, and fun. But many people will still believe that gambling causes bad things.

However, you may be surprised to know that there are actually several health benefits of playing these casino games, both online and offline.

Let us see some of these benefits – 

1. You Will Feel Happier

Dr. Mark R. Dixon works as a professor at the Behavior Analysis and Therapy Program of the Southern Illinois University. Mark and his team has carried out extensive research among the residents of a nursing home to find the impact of gambling on the mind of people. The program participants were asked to play games like the 5-card poker and also blackjack. 4-component analysis was used for measuring happiness.

Of course, there are many games that are more entertaining for a lot of the players. You will find some of them at online slots by Mr. Bet casino.

The researchers concluded by saying that gambling improves the mood of the players and makes them happier. That’s because, there was a definite spike in the mood when these people were playing the games. They also noted that gambling was a better source of entertainment than television as it made them happier.

The study’s result was published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

2. Gambling Improves Skills

It has been seen that the gamers are able to pick up new skills easily and improve their existing skills while they are playing. For instance, you may learn to become more observant and careful. With practice, you may also be able to study and discover numbers and patterns, which is always a very nice exercise for the brain. It’s always good if you give something challenging for your brain. It will then be compelled to work harder and try and come up with a solution.

Then there is gaming strategy too, which requires careful planning and execution. This will always keep your brain in good health. In blackjack, for example, you must know the game’s rules, and then come up with your own strategy to win. Not just blackjack, there are many other games too that need skill and strategy, such as three-card poker, poker, Mississippi stud, and let ‘em ride, among others.

Now, many casinos, especially online casinos, there are promotions, bonuses, and even free games. So this means, you get even more chances to play, strategize, and use your plans to gain from internet gaming.

3. Improves Your Socializing Skills

Gambling and casino gaming also helps individuals improve their socializing skills. Gambling brings people together, whether at an online platform or offline, at a land-based casino. Often, you will need to work together or interact with the other players. More so in games like poker and blackjack.

For instance, you can chat with others while playing poker, playing the slots games together with your buddies, placing the online bets together with your friends, or someone playing the live dealer on the smartphone while talking with the dealer.

4. Improves Money Management Skills

Many gamers will play their real-world or online games with real cash. They play to win, but must first spend money. Bankroll management is very critical here. You have to decide how much money you can afford to play with. There has been instanced where players have lost their entire money on the table, and also when people have won, but eventually ended up losing more, as they couldn’t quit at the right time.

On the other hand, if you can pre-decide the amount you will play with, and then quit, whether you win or lose, then you are always the winner. You can end up making cash, or spend an entertaining time having fun.

5. Helps Us Relax

Casino gaming is a stress-buster. It gives us an escape from our everyday monotonous routine, which is a big thing, because work and family pressures can be very taxing on the mind. Gambling helps you relax and have fun. It is anti-depressing.

So you see, there are several benefits of gambling. The good news is, the negative public perception about casino gaming is slowly changing.

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