The Health Benefits Of Drinking Pure Water

Updated on October 17, 2021

Without water, life as we know it simply couldn’t exist. We rely on this life-giving resource for almost every essential bodily process, so it’s no surprise that experts and scientists recommend that everyone drink around two liters of water on a daily basis, keeping our bodies hydrated and giving our cells and organs the H2O they need to stay healthy and active.

However, when it comes to the water you drink, it’s important to think seriously about the quality of every sip. We’ve seen around the whole how low-quality water sources can dramatically affect the health of local populations, and even in wealthy and well-developed nations, the water pouring out of the faucets isn’t always the cleanest or purest.

Municipal water supplies can be filled with excess chlorine, fluoride, and other unwanted elements, even sometimes containing pathogens or heavy metals that can do great harm to the body as they begin to accumulate. In response to this, many Americans are actually avoiding tap water altogether and exclusively drinking filtered water instead.

How water filters work is by removing impurities and unwanted elements, like chlorine, arsenic, aluminum, and germs too, and filtered water can be much healthier for your body, as well as tasting better, smelling better, proving more cost-effective than buying bottled water, and being kinder to the environment too. Here are some key health advantages offered by pure drinking water.

General Health

Filtered water contains far fewer impurities than unfiltered water, so it’s naturally a lot better for your general health overall. Drinking a glass of unfiltered water could introduce a range of toxins and contaminants into your body, including pathogens, parasites, heavy metals, chlorine, and more.

Drinking unfiltered water, meanwhile, gives you the key minerals you need, like calcium, magnesium, and so on, without any of the risks or concerns associated with those aforementioned unwanted ingredients. It’s far safer and much kinder to your body’s organs and cells. Using purified water can increase your general health; waterdrop ideal water purifiers can be used for all day clean water.

Stronger Heart and Brain Health

Pure water can be beneficial throughout the body, but it plays a really key role in terms of helping to boost both heart and brain health. Several scientific studies have shown, for instance, that drinking pure water daily helps to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Since heart and brain health are inexorably linked, helping one always helps the other. So, as you drink pure water and keep your heart strong and healthy, your brain also benefits from a steady, uninterrupted supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Skin Health 

Drinking filtered water is also excellent for your skin. Your skin cells need a regular supply of water to stay hydrated, keeping them plump, supple, soft to the touch, and safe from damage. This is why moisturizing creams and lotions are so popular in the cosmetic world.

With pure, filtered water, you won’t even need to turn to those moisturizers to keep your skin feeling smooth and silky. A sufficient supply of clean water can make a real difference to your skin health, fighting the signs of aging and reducing your risks of pimples or acne breakouts too.

Weight Control 

Believe it or not, drinking pure, filtered water can also help you get your weight under control as well. How? Well, filtered water can improve the speed of your metabolism, helping your body absorb nutrients more efficiently and make the most of the vitamins and minerals you consume. 

As your metabolic rate increases, your digestion also improves and your body burns off calories more quickly too, resulting in faster weight loss overall. Water can also help you feel full, reducing your appetite and thereby reducing the need for snacks and sodas throughout the day.

Stronger Immunity

Pure water can even help to keep your body free of infections and sicknesses. Not only is it free of germs and parasites, but it also strengthens your body’s immune response by hydrating the mucous membranes along your nasal passages and respiratory tubes.

When these membranes get hydrated, they become much more effective at trapping germs in their tracks and preventing them from entering your bloodstream and harming your body. Not only that, but drinking more pure, tasty water will also help to flush toxins out of your body on a daily basis, helping you feel healthier and more energetic overall.


The average American drinks around 58 gallons of water per year, and it makes a lot more sense to drink 58 gallons of pure, filtered, healthy water, free of undesirable elements, than water which could contain chlorine, fluoride, germs, and more. Choose filtered water and enjoy the incredible health advantages it has to offer.

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