The Golden Years

Updated on July 11, 2021

Getting older may not seem too fun, they say. Everyone is scared to age, it seems, but no one looks at the positives and joys of growing older. Not only are you wiser and more thoughtful, but these are your golden years, as they say, and they should be lived out in all that they are. Of course, there is a lot of stress growing older, like sickness, just the downsides of the body aging, dealing with health insurance and hospitals and so forth, so you should be relaxing and living stress-free whenever you can. With medical advances and technology, seniors are living longer and longer and staying healthy. But you still know that you might not be able to live at home on your own anymore and might need a little bit of help. There are many different types of senior living facilities or houses, and there is no shame in going down that path. AHCA and NCAL state that approximately 28,900 assisted living communities have a roundabout of one million licensed beds in the US today, and the average assisted living community has thirty-three licensed beds. This shows you how many people are opting into this. These facilities offer so much more than many people even know, like 24-hour supervision and assistance, health and wellness programs, meal delivery and service and med management, and much more, which takes a lot of stress off the elderly. 

However, these facilities also offer care for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, which are common among the elderly, which is unfortunate. Still, it is just part of life, and that is why these facilities exist. As I said, there are many of these facilities but what if you could live in one of them but with true luxury? Then there are places such as Vivante that just had their grand opening and some lucky visitors in October. This 185-unit retirement community lies in beautiful Costa Mesa, and you can look 

This place is gorgeous and looks like something out of a dream. It costs a pretty penny, but it is a true luxury. Vivante has all those amenities listed with things included like a 24/7 concierge and weekly housekeeping and, best of all 24 hours on-call nurses and daily exercise classes, including hydro massage, which feels fantastic and is excellent for the body and mind. And not only do they have meal delivery, but they also have four dining options. This place looks more like a resort or hotel when you look at it and is uniquely beautiful. This is where I would love to see all seniors live and have fun! It can look a bit overwhelming to some with its 1000-gallon saltwater aquarium and grand piano, but once your eyes adjust, there is a glamorous but homey feeling. This gorgeous community takes the mind away from the regular florescent lighting and linoleum floors. It does not feel so eerie and Drury when you walk through this facility. Hopefully, all facilities will have upgrades such as this since experts believe that senior living homes will rise and in demand within the next few decades. 

All the baby boomers will need these kinds of places, and an average of 72 million people will be 65 years or older by the year 2030, Vivante states, so there will be a significant need for assisted and retirement facilities. Other homes under construction cater to the needs of the affluent residents of these areas and many more to come, especially with the spike in aging residents in need of such. There are countless senior living homes and too many to count, and it is imperative to scope out the right ones since not all are created equal. The elderly and their family surely want their family in the best facility that they can get. Quality is of utmost importance, and it is nice to see that people finally realize this and how much people deserve to live in peace, harmony and have access to all the nice things that make life easier for them as they grow older. And seniors choose to live a bit more freely with group outings and sports or assisted depending on their condition. That is what the facility perks are for, like on-call nurses and help, and as I have said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to live in a community. There is also memory care because we know the Alzheimer’s and dementia that can creep in as we age is a real thing. Still, instead of invading and bringing us down, they have the care and specialists at Vivante so seniors can continue to live their golden years in harmony and engage in all the fun activities offered.

In addition, engaging in the featured activities is so great, and your peers surround you. You can engage with each other and activities that are amazing for your health, and hey, Vivante is only located half a mile from the ocean. You can have your maximum independence and live the retired life away from your traditional home in this beautiful resort-like retirement community. If the sea is not for you, Vivante also features entertainment activities every day and features relaxation and recreation, including dancing and golf. They have thought of everything at Vivante, and it seems like it would be hard to get bored at all. Naturally, it is vital to do all the research and determine if this or any other community is suitable for the individual and meets all their wants and, most importantly, needs. Frankly, this is an excellent option for anyone who loves luxury and a bunch of amenities with assistance a helpful team by your side if you happen to need it.

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