The form of marijuana availability determines the manner of consumption

Updated on May 6, 2020

The hallucinogenic properties of marijuana provide the greatest attraction for weeds that have enthralled people for thousands of years and still draw maximum attention for those who are interested in its recreational value. At the same time, cannabis strains of certain types have several medicinal properties, which is increasing its attraction and leading to legalizing the products across many states. As the legalization efforts are growing, the cannabis trade is gathering high momentum as online availability from websites like making it easy to buy the products that are available in various forms.

Traditional leaves

Consuming marijuana leaves, buds, and stems are the most traditional form of consuming weed. All the parts of the cannabis plant have a high content of THC, the chemical compound having psychotropic properties responsible for altering the mind by acting on the brain receptors and providing high. Bits of marijuana leaves can be rolled into cigarettes for smoking and even used for vaping. For a wholesome drug experience smoking powdered leaves instead of bits of leaves is a better option, but it would involve grinding of the leaves. However, the scent of marijuana is a deterrent for those who want to use it discreetly.


To avoid the mess of handling leaves, you can try our hashish, which is a sticky resin obtained from the cannabis plant. It is available either as solid chunks or can be dried or pressed into balls and cakes. Putting the blob inside a pipe and bong for smoking is the usual method of consuming the product. Hashish is a more potent form of marijuana because it does not contain leaf cellulose or similar inactive organic ingredients. However, the smell of marijuana fills the air when smoking.

Tea or juice

Smoking is the first choice for consuming marijuana because it quickly reaches the lungs and mixes with the bloodstream for quick action. However, ingesting marijuana is also quite prevalent as it enters the body through the digestive system. Consuming marijuana with tea or juices helps to protect the lungs and camouflage the odor with the smell of the beverage. 


A tincture is a liquid form of marijuana that is available for oral consumption and is especially popular among those using marijuana for medical reasons.  Consuming tincture makes them feel as comfortable as consuming any other medicine, and they can avoid detection. A typical tincture is a combination of marijuana leaves and glycerin, and it is also drinkable.  

Honey butane oil

The yellow and glossy looks of the product give it the name honey, although there is no honey in it. Evaporating butane through a screen of marijuana is the method of producing the product, which leaves a residue of honey and butane mixture, which is suitable for smoking or vaping. 


The extraction of marijuana results in honey-like or glass-like substances and can even produce substances that are more like wax and firmer. Wax is 20 to 30 times more potent than other marijuana products, which makes it extremely dangerous as well as more addictive.

Besides, marijuana is available as edibles like gums and candies as well as topicals used for treating skin conditions.

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