The essential uses and benefits of kinesiology tape

Updated on October 21, 2019

Most of us have seen this sight – an athlete or a sports enthusiast running on the treadmill or a marathon race, with tapes all over their upper torso or knees and legs. Sometimes, the tapes get used on the knee cap, calves, ankles, and across the shoulder as well. And it leaves most people wondering about the tape! Some people could think it to be the long stretch of band-aid tapes available in the local drugstores. The truth is it’s something far different than that. This product is a Kinesiology Tape, and it comes with several performance advantages. You need to know more about it to use it and reap the benefits.

What is a Kinesiology tape? 

Simply put, this tape gets used by fitness enthusiasts, players, and others to assist and relieve pain in ligaments, joints, and muscles. Regular and correct use helps to maximize mobility and minimize swelling. It helps to recover the injured muscles and ligaments faster. People can use it to treat or prevent the usual joint and muscle injuries such as:

  • Tendonitis
  • Muscle strains
  • Sprains
  • Subluxations 

The kinesiology tapes provide ample support and relieve pain after or during physical activity! The overall range of motions is not restricted. The tape can trigger the body’s ability to heal itself, along with various other therapeutic advantages. It is essential to knowhow to use kinesiology tape to experience all the benefits. The tape needs to get placed atop the affected muscle and region. It is necessary to tap and cover a few pulse points. For this, you can ask help from your doctor or any other medical expert.  

The healing benefits

The essential benefits of this tape comprise of the following:

1. Offers support and relief for the injured and weak body parts 

The tape is a flexible and elastic that stretches over the concerned body part. And it provides ample support for the body parts without any tape slipping. It enables you to carry on with the physical activity or workout in the gym. The affected muscles and ligaments receive relief and support and also get prevented from any further damage.

2. It offers muscle support

The tape helps to support muscle strength through tactile feedback and physical assistance. It helps to provide a proprioception boost. And this process is beneficial for the athletes as it helps them to improve their performance. It also helps kids who have a low muscle tone.  

3. It helps to minimize swelling 

The kinesiology offers a passive lift to the skin through its elastic elements. The vacuum impact enables the venous and lymphatic drainage systems to drain. Hence, the bruised or swollen tissues can heal faster using this tape. 

Some medical experts suggest that the tape helps eliminate the exercise by-products, such as lactic acid, which can create soreness after a workout. The kinesiology tapes are readily available in medical stores as well as online. You must purchase one from a reputed brand that comes with positive feedback. Make sure you are buying one that is affordable, as well.

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