The Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry You Should Consider For Your Smile

Updated on July 13, 2021

The dental profession is thousands of years old. In fact, there are mentions of dental practices as far back as 2600 BC! Of course, technology has advanced substantially since those days. Today, it’s possible to care for teeth and help people keep their own teeth into old age

It’s also possible to use cosmetic procedures, like clear braces, that will help improve your smile and your confidence. You need to understand the procedures on offer and you need a high-quality practice, such as this dentist Petrie.

Composite Bonding

Teeth are covered in one of the toughest substances on the planet; enamel. But, even this can be damaged by trauma or eroded by poor oral hygiene. The consequence is chips, cracks, and even decay. Your dentist can fill your teeth to prevent cavities from getting worse. But, they can also use composite bonding to make the tooth look like new.

The procedure involves removing the damaged area of the tooth and then applying a bonding agent. A composite can then be added to the tooth, the bonding ensures a strong attachment. The composite can be shaped by your dentist to create a natural looking tooth. 


When tooth decay has gone too far it is normal for the tooth to be pulled out. This can leave a gap that is unsightly, especially if it’s at the front of your mouth. It can also weaken your tooth structure as the teeth next to the gap will move slightly.

To counteract this, the dentist will fit an implant. A screw is inserted into your jawbone, this creates the anchor for the new tooth. This ensures the implant is held firmly in place and will work in the same way as your other teeth. 

The dentist should allow the tissue around the screw to heal before they attach a crown to it, this will be shaped to match your mouth. It’s very difficult to tell the difference once it’s in place.


One of the most common cosmetic treatments in Hollywood is the veneer, it helps to create the perfect smile. They are made from ceramic which is incredibly strong and will look exactly like your original teeth. 

The veneers are bonding to your teeth to create the Hollywood smile. However, it should be noted that in many cases the teeth need to be filed to create the appropriate surface for the veneers. Once you’ve got them there is no going back. Don’t hesitate to book a consultation with this reliable practitioner now and say hello to a healthy smile with veneers oakbrook terrace.


If you’re not convinced about veneers but want to have a Hollywood smile then whitening is definitely the place to start. While there are whitening treatments you can use at home, the most effective ones are done by your dentist. 

Your teeth will be cleaned first to remove all plaque and tartar, a specially formulated bleaching solution is then added to whitening the teeth. The final shade is your decision, it doesn’t have to match the original shade of your teeth, you can go a lot whiter and brighter!

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