The Brief Guide That Makes Organizing Medical Equipment Simple

Updated on August 11, 2021

You can’t wait to finally open your first medical clinic and have thought all about your location, design, and marketing. However, have you thought about how you’ll organize your medical equipment?

Medical equipment needs to be stored and organized in a clear and logical way, so that it’s easy for doctors and staff to find what they need quickly. If done well, managing your inventory can minimize waste and loss, save time, and increase your bottom line.

Ready to get started? If so, keep reading to find a brief guide to organizing and storing your medical equipment.

Come Up With a Category System

When deciding how to organize your medical supplies, first decide on a system. You’ll want to categorize all of your inventory, but how can you do this in a way that works for you and your team?

There are plenty of options. You could organize things alphabetically, for example, or assign each product a number and categorize them numerically.

Label Everything

Organization is all about increasing efficiency in your clinic, so be sure to label all of your supplies, like all of your inventory from KMS Medical Surgical Supply.

It can help to purchase a label making and print out clear, large-print labels that are easy to read, even from a distance.

Use Clear Storage Bins

To save time, think about using clear storage bins. This makes it easy to see into the bins at a glance, checking inventory or making sure the right equipment is stored in the right bin.

Look for lightweight but durable choices like large Tupperware-style or plastic containers. That way, they’ll be able to withstand accidental drops without cracking.

You might want to think about the frequency of use as well, putting frequently-used products on a low shelf. When storing items, you can also remove any unnecessary packaging before storing, as this can save both time and space.

However, for high-value items or highly regulated medications, these will always be kept in a secure, locked cabinet.

Software Can Help Track Inventory Levels

For large medical centers, keeping track of inventory can be a huge task. To save time, it’s best to invest in a software program that will automatically track inventory and reorder equipment as needed.

It’s the easiest way to look after your supplies without worrying about running out of anything.

Manage Your Medical Equipment Storage With These Tips

If you’re setting up a new clinic, or renovating an existing space, the tips above can help with managing medical equipment storage.

Ideally, you want to have a dedicated storage room in your clinic, keeping everything you need in one place. This will reduce clutter and make it easier for staff to know where to find everything they need.

Get started today and come up with an effective organizational system that works for you!

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