The Best Yoga Mats and Gear for Every Type of Workout

Updated on January 10, 2022

There’s a print for every kind of yogi. Whether you’re doing hot yoga, traditional vinyasa flow, or a sweaty strength-training class, we’ve found the best workout gear to print on. You’ll never hold back from fully expressing yourself in your classes again!

Steph and Gabriella Morrison: Co-Founders of Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab specializes in printed yoga mats and other active wear.

What inspires your design process? 

Our intent is to print art that each yogi can relate to their own expression on and off the mat. We print on everything from apparel and yoga mats to leggings, bags and more! Our designs range from abstract patterns with bright pops of color to intricate mandalas and modern florals. We print on a selection of high quality materials, which provide the perfect balance between comfort and stability for your practice.

What is your design process like? 

Our designs go through many stages before they end up as finished products. In our studio we print all sorts of yoga gear from samples, to tests, to final production. Designs that work well as printable files are sent off to different printers where each printer has its own specific requirements for file type, image resolution and printability. If adjustments need to be made after printing we print again and again until it’s just right! It takes time and patience but we think it’s so worth it!

Yoga Design Lab offers printable files of their latest print, “Hamsa” for download.

We print our own line but also print for lots of other brands as well! We print on both natural and synthetic materials, which mean the options are endless! We print over 100 prints a month with all different finishes. Some examples include metallic foils, glitter cardstock, matte vinyl, reflective foil prints…the list goes on! It’s definitely an exciting time in print and we can’t wait to see where it takes us next! What do you make the most of?

Tons of yoga mats (duh!) But we also print leggings and tops and even more fun stuff like bags and make-up bags/pouches. We print all over the world so you never know where your yoga print might end up.

How do you print? We print on both natural and synthetic materials, which mean the options are endless!

What is your favorite print and why?  I (Gabriella) love “Bones” because it’s a perfect blend of masculine and feminine while incorporating my two favorite colors: pink and black! Steph loves “Om Swirl” because we designed it together while drinking wine one night–Steph was drinking rosé for those wondering

Favorite workout to do in designs above: I (Gabriella) am obsessed with Vinyasa Flow, but I also love mixing it up with some hot power yoga too. Steph is all about Ashtanga Yoga, especially when it involves lots of sweat!

Favorite printable design

We print over 100 prints a month with all different finishes so there are so many good ones…however, if we had to choose just one print on demand yoga mats design it would be “Hamsa”. It was inspired by the Hamsa hand, which is known as the Hand of God in many Middle-eastern cultures and typically symbolizes protection from physical and spiritual dangers. We love how bright, colorful and fun this print turned out. It’s our #1 seller for kid’s yoga mats (shout out to Lil Yogis!) but it also looks great on adults too–we even print it on our leggings!

Yoga Design Lab printable yoga mats print on demand- print them yourself or print the designs of your choice. Along with printable mat files, Yoga Design Lab offers printable files of their latest print, “Hamsa” for download. 

What inspired you to start this business?

We started printing yoga designs because we wanted to bring beautiful art into places where it’s normally not found. When people think of yoga they often picture a room full of light with candles, incense burning and relaxing music playing in the background. In reality, most studios and classes look nothing like that and we wanted to print yoga designs that can take yogis to that place and inspire them both on and off the mat. We print designs for people who want to wear their practice with pride, no matter where they are or what kind of class they’re taking.


Printing on printable yoga mats is the new wave of printables. Unlike traditional print, print on demand offers superior control over print specifications. This limits print flaws and provides print consistency–a must in crafting high quality products!

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