The Best Ways to Find an Automobile Accident Lawyer

Updated on April 20, 2021

Having a reliable and competent automobile accident lawyer to call on at anytime can be as important as having a driving license. Your vehicle accident lawyer can save you valuable time and money in the long-run by addressing, and managing your case.

However, finding a good attorney may not be as easy as it may seem. Many people simply use search engines on the Internet to find automobile accident attorneys in their locations. While this is one way to go about finding a car accident attorney, it may not necessarily be the best way.

There are so many things you need to ascertain before you hire the services of a vehicle accident lawyer. Here are the best ways to find an automobile accident lawyer for your case today.

Find by Location:

Finding a lawyer to represent you in an automobile accident case may be as simple as hiring the closest one near you. As mentioned before, search engines on the internet are a great resource for finding car accident attorneys.

Your location and that of the lawyer matters a lot when it comes to attorney fees and other legal expenses. However, if you decide to hire an attorney based on their proximity to your current location, then you should choose one that specializes in your specific case.

Hire by Experience:

Contrary to popular belief, hiring an experienced attorney is actually less expensive in the long-run. Experienced car accident attorneys know what is needed to successfully handle your case. You will avoid the naivety, mistakes, and sheer incompetence that may come from recruiting an inexperienced lawyer. You can trust on Goodrich & Geist, P.C if you have been injured and need assistance.

However, before you hire a lawyer, check out the details of their firm. Find out who the partners of the firm are and their years of experience (especially with regards to your specific case).

Get to know who would handle your case and their level of experience as a vehicle accident lawyer. Check out the number of staff the firm has, their size in terms of branches or liaison offices, also look at their milestones and accomplishments.

These are great indicators when hiring a lawyer based on experience. Experience also entails the number of similar cases the lawyer has tried and successfully settled in court. Knowing the rate of legal success of lawyers will further help in your decision to hire a car accident attorney.

Check Out Reviews:

The reputation of an automobile accident lawyer is enhanced by the number of good reviews and recommendations that have. While searching the web for a good car accident attorney, check out the reviews on their website as well as third party review sites.

Consider only those lawyers or law firms with very positive reviews, as it relates to successfully dealing with automobile accident cases. The purpose of hiring a lawyer for such cases is to ensure that you receive good compensation, so before hiring check out their customer reviews indicating their competence in car accident cases.

Also, find out if the lawyer or legal firm has a great standing in their local bar association. A lawyer with fantastic judicial influence and connections can be highly beneficial to your case. You should always find out as much as possible about the reputation of any automobile accident lawyer before hiring.


Before hiring an automobile accident attorney, you should also consider if they had issues in the past. Lawyers with a history of disciplinary problems should be avoided at all costs. Communicate with a lawyer and find out if their schedule is compatible with yours and if you are comfortable with them. If you do not like their attitude or their mannerisms, then by all means avoid hiring such an attorney. 

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