The Best Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your French Press Coffee Maker

Updated on April 4, 2022

A French press coffee maker can create one of the best tasting cups of coffee you’ve ever had in your life, and if you have no experience with this kind of machine, then you might be tempted to buy one immediately. But you should take the time to learn more about this coffee maker so that you can get the most out of it when you decide to buy from We’ll discuss how to choose the right French press coffee maker, how to clean and maintain it properly and give you some great tips on choosing the right beans so that your coffee has its unique flavor.

How to clean your french press?

To get your french press in tip-top shape, start by boiling some water on your stove. While it’s coming to a boil, clean out your french press with some soap and warm water. Once you have a full pot of boiling water, put about 10 percent coffee grounds into your press. You can use a ratio anywhere from 15:1 (coffee grounds: water) to 50:1 for stronger flavors. After that, slowly pour the boiling water over the top of it, allowing all of those delicious flavors to dissolve and mix evenly together! Allow your french press coffee maker to sit overnight—12 hours should do it—then rinse well. You’re now ready for an amazing cup of coffee every time!

How to buy the right French Press for you?

If you’re in love with great coffee, then you know that there are many ways to make it. While a lot of people don’t like them, coffee lovers will tell you that French press coffee makers produce some of the best tasting cups on earth. With French presses, you can drink your coffee pretty much anywhere and often get a bold flavor and smooth taste all at once.

How do I measure my beans?

French press coffee makers require an extra step in measuring your beans, as opposed to most other methods. It’s a great idea to weigh them on a kitchen scale before grinding them. Try using 17 grams of coffee per cup. Also, be sure not to grind any more than you’ll need for a few days—the flavor will diminish after time.

How long do I let it steep?

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you probably have a grinder and might use it daily. But do you know how long is too long for your grinds? Many people simply let their coffee steep in hot water for an indefinite amount of time; however, steeping for extended periods can result in bitter-tasting brews. The best rule of thumb is to steep your coffee from four minutes up to eight minutes; any longer than that and you run into problems with bitterness and acidity.

What else can I do with a French Press other than making coffee?

The beauty of a French press is that it allows you to make delicious, flavorful coffee and tea—without an electric pot. The downside is that many people think it’s just for coffee and end up getting rid of their press when they want something more. Don’t get rid of your press!

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