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Updated on February 2, 2019
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Dental cosmetic procedures are designed to embellish your teeth and have a bright smile. Before you call a specialized office, oral health is essential. Thus, if your teeth are not healthy enough, you cannot choose any of the specific procedures because they can be applied only in the health and safety conditions of your teeth.

Tooth whitening is part of the dental cosmetic session. The solution used in specialized cabinets contains 12 to 35% peroxide, and teeth can whiten with three to eight shades.

The procedure consists of applying the gel to the whole teeth and activating its components through small laser interventions.

After an hour you can have the desired results if the intervention is done in a specialized cabinet and your teeth are healthy. If you are a coffee drinker or smoker, the teeth whitening session can last from two to six weeks in order to be effective. Click here.

The porcelain crown

The porcelain crown implant is another procedure of dental cosmetics. The role of the crowns is to completely wrap a damaged tooth, correct its shape, or achieve proper alignment with the rest of the teeth.

Moreover, this procedure consists of laser sessions and does not affect the health of the tooth. On the contrary, the result is a perfect, white and shiny teeth. However, the solutions used may cause irritation, but they can be avoided and controlled if you call a dentist specializing in such procedures.

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Tooth modeling can be a necessary intervention for people who do not have equal teeth. Specialists in such interventions can round your teeth or pattern properly so that the whole teeth are at the same level and have the same shape. Sessions are not longer than 30 minutes and do not affect the sensitivity of the tooth.

If your teeth do not have the same color, you can opt for a dental cosmetic session to have straight teeth at the same color, with no unsightly spots. The procedure consists in covering the tooth with a protective resin, the results being similar to dental crowns, but it is less expensive.

Resin or porcelain implants can also be made to replace a tooth. The shape will be the same as the whole dentition so that the dentist will prepare the teeth patterns of each dentition. For children, the most common dental cosmetic interventions are dentures. To be effective, they can be worn for two years, depending on the shape you want.

Whatever the dental cosmetic procedure you want to choose, do not forget that oral health is essential. It is necessary first to have healthy teeth without any cavity and not to be sensitive to sweet, salty or sour foods. The best cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale recommends such an investment if you want a beautiful smile, and your teeth will regain their natural shape and appearance, even if the foods consumed have impressed their appearance.

Tips after whitening 

In the dental cosmetic procedures, whitening has spectacular results. In order to enjoy your cleaned teeth as much as possible, we recommend giving up smoking, avoiding the consumption of liquids and foods containing dyes. Moreover, do not forget the regular hygiene visits that are required to keep your natural white teeth. The color obtained in the cabinet stabilizes after a few days, during which the teeth continue to bleach.

Tooth whitening is not permanent; after 6-12 months, this procedure should be repeated, depending on the habits of each patient (smoking, coffee consumption, tea and red wine, food dyes). To keep the color obtained as long as possible, we recommend using the whiteners at home.

After teeth whitening, you can have a painful sensation (about 2-3 days) that will disappear shortly.

It would help if you used fluoride toothpaste for sensitive teeth. You can then use the whitening toothpaste to keep you as good as a result in the cabinet.

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After the teeth whitening treatment, it is possible that coronal fillings (prostheses) and prosthetic works may no longer correspond to color, the frontal area being of significant importance in dental cosmetics. For this reason, we recommend tooth whitening before filling or final work. To keep your clean, healthy teeth, you can use natural remedies, such as fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots, because they remove food debris from the tooth surface and increase saliva production (the self-cleaning agent of the teeth). This eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath.

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