The Best Free Android Apps of 2020 for Healthcare Businesses

Updated on August 1, 2020

According to figures from Statistica, there are now over two and a half million apps available on Google Play—many of which are beneficial for medical practices and healthcare businesses. This kind of competition in the app market is excellent for the user, who has a much more extensive selection to choose from as well as lower prices. But on the other hand, with this many health and wellness apps out there, how do you know where to begin? We have compiled a brief guide to some of the leading apps that are worth considering, each with a different focus. 

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Released in 2016, TikTok reached over 1.5 billion downloads in the last year. In 2019 there were over 600 million downloads, making it number three in non-gaming app downloads. It is a social video app with which people dance or lip-sync to songs, create videos, and share them. The app has advanced privacy settings, though it is currently under investigation for potential security issues. 


One of the best TV streaming apps, Hulu, allows Android users to browse and watch TV shows, movies, and on-demand channels. The app has more than 50 popular channels and a very large streaming library, so users have the option to watch past seasons of well-known shows. Hulu can also track your favorite shows by using MYStuff for Android. 


Scanning documents and other information is increasingly essential in verification, so having this functionality on your phone is incredibly useful. CamScanner offers users the chance to scan documents with the phone’s camera while also providing smart cropping and auto-enhance features to make text and images clearer. Notes and tags can be attached to documents, and they can be easily shared and saved in jpeg, PDF, and fax scan formats.


Groupon is a web and mobile app that has found widespread popularity in recent years through finding people the best deals they can get. This could be in a variety of categories, from fashion and electronics to food and entertainment. Groupon helps users to collect coupons, find deals, and save money by sharing all of the relevant information for both physical and online retailers. Updates are given on a daily basis. 


An excellent way of managing finances, Mint collects all information on bank accounts, credit cards, invoices, and investments in one central location. This enables users to stay on top of all their financial matters while also providing reports, spending history, budget suggestions, and long term goals. Reminders can also be sent to make sure users don’t forget to meet their financial obligations.  


A well-known fitness tracker device, the Fitbit company, also provides a free app that can be used with or without a device. This enables users to log daily fitness activities, count steps, and keep a daily food log. Calories can be counted with the help of a barcode scanner, and a meal history can be recorded to help users keep up with their diet information. Users may also set and manage their own objectives in health and fitness.

Google Arts & Culture

This app from Google allows art lovers to zoom into works of art and access reams of related information in documents, anecdotes, photos, and videos. This has been made possible through collaboration with sites in 70 countries across the world. Users can take tours of actual sites, exhibitions, historical buildings, and natural wonders on screen or in the virtual world. They can also create and share their own cultural collections, or access information on a work of art in a gallery by using the phone’s camera.

Sticker Maker

Anyone who has received an outline of an image created for dramatic or comedy value will be familiar with the concept of a ‘sticker.’ These are generally used for instant messaging apps, such as Whatsapp. Sticker Maker is an app that can be used to make stickers, by uploading images, cropping or cutting out the required elements then saving them for use in messages. 

Mobile apps are each unique and with an individual purpose for helping users to complete tasks with greater ease or provide entertainment. The ones that do this successfully will inevitably become the most popular. As consumers, we can stay on top of the best mobile apps, try them out, then enjoy the ones we like best. 

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