The Angel in the Sickroom: 5 Awesome Reasons to Become a Nurse

Updated on March 7, 2020

One of the most rewarding professions, both financially and emotionally, is nursing. Nursing is also one of the oldest jobs, with its origins predating way back in the mid 19th century. Contrary to a layman’s understanding, a nurse isn’t an assistant to a doctor or any healthcare professional. In fact, nurses are critical parts of the healthcare system. Without nurses, the whole system would fail to function.

Being in the nursing profession is a beautiful experience for a lot of people. Some might not notice it, but a nurse is there for a patient, from the “womb to tomb.” The saying literally means that a nurse is present when someone is born and can also be present when someone dies. The saying “womb to tomb” also displays the versatility of nurses in healthcare.

People who are in the profession often say that they get to see how life starts and how it ends. For them, it’s truly a rewarding experience to help someone in need. Aside from experience, nurses are also well paid. In some states such as California, nurses can get paid as much as $8,560 monthly. 

It’s no secret that a lot of people want to be in the nursing profession. Don’t get it wrong, though, the life of a nurse isn’t that all happy. Nursing school is tough, and the board exams aren’t a cakewalk too. You also have to earn licenses to practice your profession, depending on where you’re planning to practice in. 

As such, don’t let the difficulties of nursing prevent you from becoming one. Here are some more excellent reasons to become a nurse:


For those of you who love more action in their lives, being a nurse delivers. Nurses are often in the frontline when it comes to emergencies. Some nurses thrive under pressure and provide the best care possible. 

Believe it or not, it’s a big plus for a person to be a registered nurse when applying for any law enforcement position. Even the military has a significant need for nurses in their ranks. Being a nurse, especially in the operating room or emergency room, is one of the most oddly exciting jobs to have. 

Aside from doctors and other healthcare personnel, who else gets to encounter people with bizarre injuries and illnesses? There are tons of strange stories in the medical field, and most of the time, nurses will tell you that they’re real. 

Lots of Room to Grow

As with doctors, nurses can also earn specializations. There’s a lot to learn when you’re a nurse. The reason for these specializations is that every department or nursing service requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. 

Here’s an example: A nurse may be familiar with some procedures, a pediatric ward nurse might have trouble if immediately put in an operating room setting. It also works the same way if you place an OR nurse in a nursing ward. Although nurses are flexible, the space to grow is incredibly huge. This fact is the reason why most nurses are actively pursuing specializations in their preferred fields.

Nurses Are Fun People

Due to the stressful nature of the nursing profession, you can expect nurses to be a completely different person during their rest days. You might see a nurse quietly looking at his patek philippe watch during work hours only to find him dancing at a party after his shift. Nurses are fun people, and you should be one of them.

Personal Achievement

As mentioned earlier, the nursing profession is one of the most challenging courses to learn. Even the board exams are stressful. Having to pass the course and earning a license to practice is one of the best achievements a person can make. 

Builds Character

Most nurses take pride in the hurdles they went through to become the person that they are today. When you’re in the nursing profession, you’ll be faced with a lot of experiences that may be too much for some people. Believe it or not, nurses are one of the most hardened people.

Although not all nurses can stomach everything, you can expect a nurse to laugh at the sight of blood and guts. Nurses can also get surrounded by terrible things on a daily basis in their work. Some of these things can be infections, ill treatment, being misunderstood, and even death. On the psychological side of things, nurses are also strong individuals, which you can lean on for advice.


Being a nurse is an excellent way to gain knowledge and expertise that is a big help when it comes to the well being of a person. Not only will you be able to be versed in medical skills, but you’ll also develop everything you need to take care of a person. 

Another plus is that you’re getting paid to do something gratifying and exciting. The reasons above can be a good motivation for those who want to be in the nursing field. Remember, the best thing about being a nurse isn’t the fun and exciting stuff or money. It’s getting to see your patient smile and say “Thank You” to you for a job well done.

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