The Absolute Best Birthday Gifts to Send During Quarantine

Updated on February 13, 2023

About 89 percent of all Americans feel it’s important to celebrate birthdays. Almost all of them feel special when their colleagues, friends, and family go out of their way to celebrate their birthdays. 

Celebrating birthdays is a tradition that goes back about five millennia ago, when Egyptians did it to honor the Pharaoh’s birthday. Today, these occasions are a special time to celebrate another year under your belt with friends and family. 

Under normal circumstances, you throw a party and have fun together during your birthday. People go out of their way to find the best birthday gifts for you and present them on your special day. 

But with the current conditions where everyone is practicing social distancing, hosting a birthday party is no longer possible. So what do you do to make someone you care for feel special during their birthday under the present circumstances? 

Check out these four unique birthday celebration ideas during quarantine.

4 Best Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

Just because you can’t have a fun gathering at your friend’s house to celebrate their birthday doesn’t mean you can’t communicate your love to them. Try these birthday ideas to blow their mind.

1. Send Them a Card

One of the best ways to show someone you care about them is to send them a birthday card on their big day. You can order a lovely, customized card online and write a thoughtful message on it before their birth date.

Drop the card in their mailbox if you live close to them. Alternatively, you can design and send a gorgeous birthday e-card.

2. Make a Birthday Video Montage

A great way to make birthday messages interactive is to make a personalized video montage. Many free online services can help you do that. 

Consider asking friends and family of the person to record their birthday messages and use the online service to put them together. Then mail the final video card to the person celebrating the birthday. It’s a special gift they’ll want to keep for years.

3. Send a Dessert

Everyone loves stellar desserts on their birthday. If a local bakery makes exceptional cookies, cakes, or fro-yo, consider ordering delivery. If your friend loves champagne, you can have it delivered along with the dessert.

Your friend will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll be supporting your local businesses during these especially tough times.

4. Write Them a Song

If your friend loves music and you are musically inclined, then one of the most creative gifts you can send them is a song you specially created for them. Even if the song isn’t particularly incredible, they’ll love it. After all, it’s the thought that matters.

You can find other great gift ideas for music lovers on geartry

Send the Perfect Quarantine Birthday Gift

While it isn’t possible to throw the birthday party you usually do during your friend’s birthday during quarantine, you don’t need to skip the celebrations altogether. If you’re creative enough, you’ll find that you can still send the best birthday gifts, even at a time like this

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