The 7 Major Benefits of CBD on Your Dog

Updated on March 24, 2021

Before knowing the major benefits that your dog can get from CBD oil, let’s first understand what CBD is. Below given is basic information on CBD, what is the source of CBD and how it interacts with your dog’s body to help him get rid of certain medical conditions.

What is CBD

Cannabidiol or in short CBD is a compound that can be found in the cannabis plant. It is one of more than 113 “cannabinoids” that are found in the cannabis plant. CBD unlike THC is a complete non-psychoactive product and is quite safe to be used in pets.

Among the major benefits that your dog can get from CBD only a few are being mentioned below:

• Stress relieves

• Promotes Homeostasis

• antiemetic

• anti-inflammatory

• Anticonvulsant

• Strong painkiller

CBD is a very strong and effective painkiller

CBD is now well known for treating pain in dogs and cats. CBD can help manage your dog’s pain in more than a single way.

The first way that CBD can reduce pain is by temporarily blocking the absorption of a chemical named anandamide, which helps to reduce the pain signal to the brain. As an effect, the temporarily increased anandamide reduces the pain sensation in your pet.

Secondly, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD, by reducing the inflammation caused by conditions like arthritis or any other similar condition. To know more, you can always read ratings and reviews of the product.

CBD is a great anticonvulsant

One of the best medical benefits of CBD is, it can control the complicated health condition of your pets like seizures, tremors, spasms, tics. CBD being a natural anticonvulsant can easily treat the above-mentioned health conditions.

CBD treats inflammation

CBD besides treating multiple health conditions also acts as a great anti-inflammatory. It is the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD which is the main reason that this compound can treat so many wide varieties of health conditions in your pets.

CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors that are located inside the immune cells. Then by activating the receptors, CBD succeeds in evoking the immune response. One such response is fighting inflammation. 

CBD can reduce anxiety and stress

The most important part of CBD is, it not only treats the physical condition of your dog. But, also help to deal with multiple medical conditions too.

Just like humans, pets too suffer from various mental conditions like anxiety, stress, or even phobias. Although you may be unaware of the exact reason lying underneath such mental conditions, and the source of such anxiety can also differ in pets but can lead to various physical reactions and stress in pets just like humans.

The most common form of anxiety that you could notice in your dog’s include noise anxiety, travel anxiety, separation anxiety, and sometimes certain specific phobias. the common symptoms of anxiety in dogs that you could notice include:

• Tremors

• Aggression

• Chewing

• Urinating

• persistent barking

With CBD you get the solution to reduce stress and anxiety in your pet and thus also reduce the symptoms associated with the same.

CBD is an antiemetic

Although there are several antiemetic medicines available in the market, including, Acepromazine, Chlorpromazine, Aminobenzamide, etc. The drugs often cause various side effects in pets. the most common side effects that you will find in the dogs and cats after administering these medicines are

• Lack of appetite

• Lethargy

• Hypotension

• Diarrhea

• Excessive drooling

But, when it comes to CBD, it proves as a successful antiemetic that helps control vomiting, nausea besides stimulating appetite too. CBD, by stimulating the 5-HT1A receptors helps reduce vomiting and feelings of nausea. Remember, the same receptor is also responsible for reducing anxiety.

The best part of CBD as an antiemetic is, it doesn’t cause any side effects like other traditional medicines as mentioned above.

CBD can reduce tumor growth

Tumor and cancer are quite common in dogs and other pets. Often also turns out to be fatal. But, till the present day, as no cure is yet found for cancer, the treatment mainly focuses on slowing the growth of a tumor or reducing the pain associated with it.

The most common treatment of cancer in pets is chemotherapy. But, just like humans, chemotherapy can cause a lot of side effects like:

• Diarrhea

• Vomiting

• Loss of appetite

• Tiredness

• Fatigue and lethargy

But, the good news for you and your pet is, according to new researches, CBD can have unique effects on treating cancer.

CBD promotes Homeostasis

The word homeostasis describes the proper functioning of the body. It can be described as the condition when our body is balanced and all the biological systems are also functioning well. But sometimes, the condition is broken and it is then that illness and disease occurs.

According to researches, CBD can promote homeostasis in the body by stimulating the endocannabinoid system that plays a major role in maintaining balance.

The bottom line

Although, in this article, only seven main benefits of CBD are being discussed. Yet, there are many other benefits of using CBD for your dog.

CBD oil for dogs although shown great results in treating various health issues. But there are only a few studies to conclude its effectiveness on your pet. Hence, it is best that you talk with your vet first about your dog’s health condition and then only give him CBD. A doctor’s recommendation is always necessary to avoid unnecessary health complications in your dog. 

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