The 2020 guide to keeping your medical data more secure

Updated on March 19, 2022

Over the years, with the increase in digital storage of personal files, the instances of hacking have also increased. You can find several cases where the storage server of a company was hacked and private and they leaked data of clients. Recently a team of hackers known as Shiny hunter has breached storage clouds of over ten companies and accessed data of over seventy-three million people. Now, after such an incident, even renowned companies are not safe from cyber-attacks.

The safety of your data is in your hands, and your personal data contains much valuable information that should not be kept on low-security servers. It can be your financial information, medical reports, or any other confidential details which if lost, can heavily cost you. Therefore, you must ensure that your data is in safe hands, for which you must select your cloud service provider carefully, and the one with the best security protocol should be your choice.

Out of the other confidential information, the medical data of your clients is of utmost importance. As a medical professional, it is your responsibility that client data should be secure.

Lock your screen when you are not on the desk

Working in a company that involves storing customer medical data often needs some employees to process the reports. In such a case, any unauthorized person may snoop into your system when you are not on the desk. Therefore, it is a primary cybersecurity practice to lock your order if you are leaving your place. Locking will not only reduce the risk of information leak but will also ensure that no forging is done with data of any client.

Encrypt your communication

Being a healthcare firm, you often communicate with clients over messages and calls. It is essential to keep those calls and messages safe for the sake of confidentiality. It can be done by encrypting your communication, and you must use a VPN while connecting to the internet for such communications it will ensure that any unauthorized person is not intercepting your data.

Access your screen safely

Working in a company may not give you the liberty to access your system by sitting anywhere you want. You must analyze the place, especially if the area has security cameras, your screen can quickly be recorded if you are working correctly in front of the camera. It will cause a leak of information with no direct attack on your system. In a healthcare company, it is of utmost importance during video calls with clients, password entries, and report generations.

Use the latest versions of Softwares

As a healthcare company, you have to use some software for various tasks, and you must always use the latest versions of that software for better security. It will protect the client data from known viruses and attacks.

Use two-factor authentication

It is an additional security feature you can use, which needs a one-time password every time you log in. This password is unique for every login attempt and therefore protects your system from hacking attacks.

Following all, such security practices will keep your client’s medical data safe, which is of great significance in the medical profession. Your patients trust you with the confidentiality of their health conditions, and adequate data security will prevent any unwanted data losses.

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