TestRX Review: Helps Increase T-Levels!

Updated on September 16, 2020

Low testosterone is a problem that many men around the world have suffered. Many of them are looking for a solution to this problem, but there are a lot of brands on the market right now offering up those solutions! 

There are some unfortunate side effects to having low testosterone – you might suffer from erectile dysfunction, a lower than normal sex drive, or reduced muscle mass. Low testosterone has even been linked to reduced fertility, so it’s a serious problem!


TestRX Review: Brand Overview

TestRX is a natural testosterone boosting supplement. In a world where there are so many different options available to you, you need to make sure you’re making the right choice for your individual needs. 

Some supplements can produce negative side effects due to their composition – they may include toxins or other harmful ingredients. 

The folks over at Legend Edge Health saw this and realized that there was an opening for a new type of product – a product that didn’t include any of this. That’s why they developed TestRX. It’s a product that produces results without using harmful or toxic ingredients. 

Pro & Cons of TestRX

Of course, taking supplements to boost your hormone levels can be an overwhelming choice to make. If you’re doing something as serious as supplementing your hormone levels, you want the peace of mind in knowing that you’re doing it right. 

So, to help you with this, we’ve broken down TestRX into a handy pros and cons list.


  • Natural ingredients
    • It only uses natural ingredients, which means that you won’t be exposed to any harmful toxins.
  • Easy to use
    • It comes in a capsule format, so it’s easy to take with water.
  • A generous shipping and returns policy 
    • Offers a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your product
    • Some options for free shipping, depending on what you buy.
  • Boosts testosterone levels in a natural way
    • No synthetic androgens included, which can potentially do you harm in the long run.


  • Only available for men to use – not suitable for women 
  • Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans due to certain ingredients
  • Only available to purchase online – no in-store options

TextRx Ingredients 

One of the most important elements when you choose a supplement – any supplement – is the ingredients list. 

After all, when you look at the ingredient list of any product, it’s the best way to tell if there are any elements that you might have a reaction to. It’s also the best way to really understand exactly how a product will do what it says. 

With that being said, let’s get into the ingredients list of TestRX, so you can truly understand how this product works, and why we think it might be able to potentially help you and your needs: 

D-Aspartic Acid

  • While more research needs to be done in order to draw full conclusions about how useful this product is, there has been some research already done on this ingredient
  • So far, the evidence is starting to suggest that d-aspartic acid supplementation can help to boost your levels of testosterone
  • Tests have been conducted to show how supplementing this can help to boost your resistance training over a three-month period
  • This has been found to be more useful for those who aren’t already well trained and regulars to the gym
  • In particular, it’s though that this ingredient can be useful for older individuals

Fenugreek Seed Extract

  • For anyone who needs a boost to their sex drive due to decreased testosterone levels, this is a beneficial ingredient for you
  • Fenugreek supplementation has been found to be useful for athletes, too, as those who took Fenugreek were more likely to experience more fat loss without the problem of decreasing their muscle mass

Magnesium Aspartate

  • Interestingly, studies that have been conducted on men with low levels of testosterone have shown benefits to using magnesium supplementation 
  • This has been found to be particularly beneficial and interesting to men who are older and have lower levels of testosterone 
  • In particular, these men can benefit from magnesium supplementation, as it’s thought it might help to decrease mobility and fitness issues these men may experience as they get older
  • Decreased testosterone levels are a particularly big problem for older men compared to younger men, so this ingredient is a good inclusion for them


  • This is lauded as being the ‘secret weapon’ of TestRX
  • It is also known as Zinc Magnesium Aspartate
  • It’s a mixture of the Magnesium we discussed above, plus zinc monomethionine and vitamin B6
  • It’s been found to be very useful for those wanting to increase their gains in the gym, and it’s a very popular addition to the daily routines of those who spend a lot of time in the gym 
  • The mixture of these three ingredients can increase your testosterone levels and decrease your recovery time in the gym! 

How Does TextRX Work? 

Now that we’ve gone over the list of ingredients, you may be wondering how exactly all of this comes together to help you! Don’t worry; we’re going to take you through the whole list of ways TestRX can help you. 

In short, TestRX helps to naturally boost your body’s production of testosterone, the male sex hormone. 

Testosterone is important for men because it controls things like our fat production, our energy levels, and our sex drive. If our testosterone levels are too low, we can experience some adverse and upsetting side effects.  

Unlike synthetic testosterone booster (like anabolic steroids), TestRX is an all-natural way of boosting your body’s testosterone levels. When your body creates more testosterone, bodily functions that are associated with higher levels (like an increased sex drive) are more likely to be seen. 

Higher rates of testosterone are also beneficial for those of us hitting the gym, which is the reason supplements like steroids are so popular among men looking to increase their gains as fast as possible. 

When you have increased levels of testosterone in your body, protein synthesis is boosted. You may be wondering what protein synthesis is and why it’s important. 

Protein synthesis is the process your body will go through to create more protein cells. It is a really important aspect of the recovery cycle following a workout. 

When you create more protein cells, your body can better repair the microtears that happen in your muscles when you work out. 

This is actually how you build bigger and stronger muscles. Essentially, the more protein cells in your body, the more efficiently you’ll grow and strengthen your muscles!  


What are the Benefits of using TestRX?

There are a lot of benefits to naturally boosting your testosterone levels as a man. Let’s take you through some of them: 

Better Performance in the Gym 

We’re all aiming to hit peak performance in the gym, but this can actually be incredibly difficult to achieve. A lot of men, no matter how hard they train, will actually experience a plateau of progress at some point. 

It means they won’t increase their muscle mass, which may lead to a lack of motivation, or even giving up on their hard work.

As we’ve discussed a little bit above, increased levels of testosterone in your body can lead to increased protein synthesis levels. 

It is a really vital process that your body undergoes when you build and maintain muscle – you need those protein cells to help repair your muscles.

Increase protein synthesis has a couple of benefits for your performance in the gym. Increased protein synthesis means your body will repair the microtears in your muscles much faster than normal. 

It means you’ll have a decreased recovery time, which means you won’t have to wait as long to get back into the gym. Less recovery time means that you don’t have to worry about losing your gains!

TestRX’s ingredients also help to boost your energy levels. It is beneficial in all the different parts of your life, but it’s especially useful for anyone who wants to spend more time at the gym. 

More energy means that you’ll be able to put in more time working on getting that perfect physique! 

Increased Sex Drive

One of the unfortunate factors that happen to most men when they get older is the issue of a decreased sex drive or erectile dysfunction. 

It is one of the unfortunate consequences of having lower testosterone levels, which is a common occurrence that happens as we get older. 

Boosting your body’s testosterone’s production may help with any of the problems you’re having in the bedroom.

Natural Supplementation 

Unlike some options on the market that promise good results, TestRX is an all-natural supplement that works to boost your testosterone levels. 

It means that you don’t have to worry about any of the unpleasant side effects that can potentially come with using synthetic supplements. Synthetic supplements like anabolic steroids can carry some risks of addiction or do damage to your body. 

Furthermore, they can actually end up messing your body’s natural hormone productions up. It means that you can end up experiencing lower levels of testosterone production that you usually would do.

Taking a natural supplement like TestRX means you don’t have to worry about that, though, so even if you decide to stop taking this product after a while, you won’t have to worry about your body readjusting later on in the same way it would do after taking steroids.  

Possible Side Effects of Using TestRX

Due to the fact that TestRX is an all-natural supplement, it means that you’re far less likely to experience the side effects you may end up having if you use synthetic supplements. 

It is great news for anyone who’s been looking into supplementation but is currently nervous about the side effects. 

In fact, the good news is that there are no seriously problematic side effects listed when using TestRX. 

However, you should be aware that taking more than the recommended dose could lead you to have unpleasant side effects and potentially imbalance your hormone levels or leave you feeling ill. 

Also, we are providing a list of people who should either refrain from using TestRX or consult a doctor before they start in the next section. 

Who Should Use TestRX? 

The target demographic for this handy supplement is men who are suffering from low testosterone levels. Our testosterone levels naturally decrease as we get older – middle-aged men have less testosterone on average than young men in their twenties.

Decreased testosterone levels can be linked to steroid abuse. If you’ve used steroids in the past, you may come off them and realize that you have less testosterone than you did when you started using them. 

A testosterone supplement can help naturally boost your lower testosterone levels if you fall into this category. 

In short, any man who’s suffering from low testosterone levels can use TestRX hormone supplements. 


Who Should Refrain from Using TestRX?  

While TestRX is generally safe for usage by most people, as with any product, there are a few groups of people who should refrain from using this product. 

As with any supplement, if you’re considering taking TestRX, you should consult your doctor before you start using it, to make sure that you won’t suffer from any side effects. 


Because TestRX is a testosterone booster, it’s not recommended that women use this product. Testosterone is the male sex hormone. While women do have a small amount of testosterone in their bodies, they don’t have (or need) nearly as much as men. 

Increasing your testosterone levels if you’re a woman can lead to some adverse effects, like more masculine features or problems with fertility. 

Anyone Taking Prescription Medication

If you’re taking any kind of prescription medication, you should talk to your doctor before taking this supplement. 

Although the list of ingredients is all-natural, there may be some potential interactions with drugs. If you’re already taking hormone supplementation, you should avoid taking this product.  

Anyone Under the Age Of 18

As a teenager, your hormone levels will still be fluctuating a lot. That’s the reason we go through so many changes during puberty – it’s all down to our hormone levels, and how imbalanced they can become. 

If you’re under the age of eighteen, your body probably hasn’t managed to stabilize your hormone levels yet. 

If you then take hormone supplements or boosters like TestRX on top of this, you can end up experiencing some potentially unpleasant side effects, or even disrupt your body’s production of certain hormones. 

To be safe, you should wait until after you’re eighteen to begin taking hormone supplements. Or boosters. 

Dosage & Tips to Start Using TestRX

So, how easy is TestRX to take? The answer is: Very!

TestRX products come in a very handy capsule that’s easy to take with a glass of water. A one-month supply of TestRX will contain 120 capsules that are easy to take. 

If you’re taking any supplement, especially one designed to boost your testosterone levels, then you should be careful not to exceed the recommended dose on the packaging. 

If you do, you run the risk of then having side effects, which could be potentially dangerous.  

Where Can You Buy TestRX?

TestRX is only available to buy online, which may be unfortunate for some. For people who prefer buying in person and don’t like buying online because they don’t like waiting for products to arrive, this may be a problem. 

However, in the current situation, we’re all going through, being able to buy products online is actually a huge benefit. It means that you don’t have to go into a store in person and take all of the precautions that are currently necessary. 

TestRX is actually available to buy from a few different sites. Primarily, you can buy TestRX from the official website where you can find all their other information about the product, all in one go. 

You can also buy TestRX from the Leading Health Edge website, where you can browse their other supplements. 

Finally, you can buy TestRX on amazon. It is a convenient choice for anyone who regularly shops on Amazon, especially since shipping times on Amazon are usually much faster than using many other couriers. 



To Conclude – Should You Consider Buying TestRx?

So, now that we’ve taken you through all the different elements of the TestRX testosterone supplement, would we recommend that you buy this product? 

While you might be hesitant to take a hormonal supplement, for anyone who’s considering boosting their testosterone levels, a natural supplement is a good idea. Rather than using synthetic hormone boosters like steroids, which can actually decrease your testosterone levels over time, natural supplements are a safer idea. 

Natural supplements like TestRX are less likely to give you the same adverse side effects of unnatural testosterone boosters. For anyone looking for those good effects, this is an excellent option to look into buying.

While the side effects of low testosterone levels can be unfortunate and potentially embarrassing to live with, taking supplements like this may mean that you don’t have to keep living like this.