Taking Care of Yourself When you Travel

Updated on August 19, 2020

Taking care of yourself while you are travelling can sometime become an afterthought. This can severely affect your enjoyment of the trip and possibly your health.

Busy schedules for sightseeing, food tasting and exploring means we can push our wellbeing to the back of our minds. Although, there is nothing worse than having a day full of exploring and feeling less than 100%. The same goes for being bored waiting at the airport, luckily, buffalo slots can help with that.

Luckily, there are tips for taking care of yourself when you travel that are easy to follow regardless of your schedule. They don’t require much effort and can make your trip more enjoyable.

Stay Moisturized

Moisturizing your skin daily is simple and something you can do while in the shower. It is the best way to avoid dry skin, as this can become irritating on vacation. Your skin is your largest organ and it should be treated with care, wherever you are. You will be amazed by the difference this two second effort can make when travelling.

Eat Fruit & Veg

When travelling, we all let our diet slip. It is inevitable with so many delicious foods on offer in different countries. However, they aren’t always healthy, and we end up pushing fruit and veg towards the bottom of our diet. We shouldn’t. Fruit and veg are easy to buy in restaurants or supermarkets, even better, explore a traditional market and buy fresh produce to help you take care of yourself.

Stay Hydrated

It is obvious that drinking plenty of water is important. However, when we are in ‘holiday mode’ we can soon forget water exists and swap it for cocktails, alcoholic beverage and sweeter drinks. Staying hydrated with water will be immensely beneficial to your health, especially if you enjoy one to many alcoholic drinks on your vacation.


No, we don’t mean go out for a daily run or visit the local gym. The best way to see a city or town is walking. It is also a great form of exercise. While it isn’t always possible to walk to where you want to visit, it is far healthier to walk everywhere you can, plus you will get to see more of the place you are visiting.

Spend Time Outside

There is such a thing as insufficient vitamin D, and this means a lack of sun. To avoid this, and to help feel rejuvenated, spend as much time as you possibly can outside in the sun. This isn’t necessarily an excuse to spend all day lounging by the pool, as too much can also be dangerous for the health of your skin. But if you are walking around, outside, you are getting two health benefits at once.


Wash your hands frequently, shower daily (or twice), have anti-bacterial wipes and hand-sanitizer, and stay as clean as you possibly can. This will help prevent most forms of getting sick. 

The most important way of taking care of yourself while travelling is to have common sense. If you get caught in the rain, go back and get changed into dry clothes, stay warm in cold weather, etc.

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