Tackling Drug Shortages: How Medivant Health is Advancing Access to Affordable Medicines

Updated on November 2, 2023

Amidst the ongoing challenges of drug shortages across the United States, Medivant Health has positioned itself at the forefront of expanding access to affordable generic injectable medications. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Medivant manufactures and supplies generic injectables to healthcare providers around the country.

Since its launch in 2015, the pharmaceutical company has experienced rapid growth and now operates two advanced manufacturing facilities in Arizona. Through investments in technology and automation, Medivant has been able to reliably produce millions of vials and pre-filled syringes of essential medicines to address critical shortages.

“Our goal since day one has been increasing supply of generic injectables to ensure healthcare providers have access to the medications they need,” said Medivant CEO Viraj Gandhi. “We’re proud of the progress we’ve made scaling up production and tackling shortages of drugs used every day in hospitals.”

Powering Medivant’s expanding production capabilities is the use of sophisticated automation, digitized systems, and technology-driven processes. The company’s main 25,000-square-foot sterile injectable manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona, contains innovative equipment and systems to adhere to cGMP and FDA regulations.

Medivant also operates a second facility focused solely on vial manufacturing, allowing the company to produce vials ranging from 1mL to 30mL. Additionally, its north Phoenix location manufactures pre-filled syringes from 0.05mL up to 2.25mL.

Across both sites, the company has manufactured over 10 million vials and syringes to date – an impressive feat for a young firm. Medivant’s in-demand products include ketamine, bupivacaine, sterile water, sodium chloride, and other essential generic injectables.

“Our use of advanced automation allows us to precisely fill vials and syringes while maintaining rigorous quality control,” explained Gandhi. “This enables us to scale up production efficiently without sacrificing compliance or affordability.”

Medivant has also begun offering contract manufacturing services, allowing other pharmaceutical firms to outsource production of injectables. “By opening up our manufacturing capabilities to other companies, we can have an even greater impact on tackling shortages,” explained Gandhi.

The company’s investments in cutting-edge equipment and rigorous training ensure it can meet precise specifications required by clients. Medivant re-qualifies all systems every six months to maintain consistency and quality control at scale.

Additionally, the company employs over 80 highly skilled staff members focused on ensuring compliant, reliable production. “Our team’s expertise in sterile injectable manufacturing enables us to balance quality, efficiency and affordability,” said Gandhi.

As Medivant looks ahead, the company is focused on strategically expanding production capacity. “Our goal is to be the leading reliable supplier of affordable generic injectables to healthcare systems across the country,” explained Gandhi. “We’re committed to tackling more drug shortages by scaling our automated manufacturing capabilities.”

Despite global supply chain challenges, Medivant has managed to avoid major disruptions through close supplier management. “Maintaining agile, resilient supply chains allows us to ensure dependable access to essential medicines,” said Gandhi.

With its commitment to investing in technology and staff, Medivant seems poised to continue growing its impact. “We’re dedicated to keeping production in the U.S. so we can closely monitor all aspects of quality,” emphasized Gandhi.

As Medivant Health continues scaling up, it’s clear this young company is advancing the critical mission of expanding access to generic injectables. Medivant’s reliable high-tech manufacturing capabilities are helping tackle drug shortages nationwide – a much-needed solution that will benefit healthcare providers and patients for years to come.

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