Surviving Cancer: Mentally, Emotionally, and Financially

Updated on February 12, 2021

Each year, approximately 1.8 million Americans learn they have cancer. This disease can attack a person’s organs, bones, or blood. Individuals who are diagnosed with cancer may face a prolonged, painful journey. During treatment, cancer patients are susceptible to infections. They may be frustrated and discouraged because they struggle to focus or recall memories or information. It’s common for cancer patients to be nauseous and experience vomiting and hair loss.

Cancer treatments are also expensive. This can cause financial hardships for your family, which can cause stress. Cancer will adversely impact you physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally. These resources can help you reduce complications from cancer and improve your ability to overcome these challenges.



Cancer may cause pain and discomfort. The treatment process can also be painful. You can secure hemp flower CBD and other CBD products that can help you manage your pain during treatment, which will make it easier for you to function. CBD flower, CBD oil and products offer multiple potential benefits for individuals with cancer. They can prevent nausea and help you regain your appetite.

There have also been studies that suggest that CBD products may help treat cancer because they can slow the growth rate of tumors and increase the potency of prescription medications. Plain Jane is a premier CBD product supplier. You can purchase their quality products from them directly or through vendors who carry their stock and have confidence that you are receiving the best CBD products on the market.

In order to physically survive cancer, you will also need treatment. This may involve chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. In some cases, individuals have chemotherapy prior to surgery to reduce the size of the tumors that need to be removed. Your family doctor can refer you to an oncologist. The oncologist can explain your options and provide treatment.



You can pursue a viatical life insurance settlement to cover the costs of treatment or secondary costs, such as childcare or personal nursing services. Companies such as American Life Fund negotiate the sale of your life insurance policy for a lump sum payment. As the policy owner, you can opt to sell your life insurance policy benefits to a third party. You can use the money you receive from a viatical settlement for anything and you do not have to pay it back. This is an effective way of securing extra money to cover your medical expenses without depleting your retirement funds.

There are also a number of funds that cancer patients can access. The American Life Fund offers a lump sum cash payout to help cancer patients cover personal living expenses and treatment costs. You may also be eligible to receive assistance from the U.S. Department of Health and Social Services. You may qualify for food stamps and other assistance programs. There are also organizations and pharmaceutical companies that sponsor clinical trials. Patients who receive treatment through a clinical trial do not have to pay for their treatment. These treatments are regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Mentally and Emotionally


Cancer treatments have been proven to cause depression. You may find that you are struggling mentally and emotionally because of your diagnosis. You may be discouraged because you are no longer able to enjoy your favorite activities or are too tired to spend time with friends and family. You may also be upset because of the side effects you are experiencing, such as hair loss. Talking about your issues can have positive effects on your mental state as you navigate the treatment process.

Many hospitals have healthcare social workers who are available to help you process your diagnosis. They may be able to offer practical advice about financial resources, but they can also help you identify your mental and emotional needs and how to address them. You can be referred to support groups or counselors who focus on cancer patients and their unique needs.

Pursuing these options can give you a way of discussing your situation with those who have cancer or who have undergone treatment in the past. It is possible to connect with people in person and online, which will enable you to ask questions and talk about your feelings. This can reduce your sense of isolation and be an important way of learning about new ways to reduce your pain or handle the side effects of treatment.

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