Survival Strategies for Successful Pharmacovigilance outsourcing: A Guide

Updated on October 6, 2021

Over the years, pharmacovigilance has remained a pivotal aspect of drug development. The roots of pharmacovigilance dates to 170 years ago, when the medical sector embarked on a journey to protect patients by exploring the side effects of drugs. 

Technological advancements, large amounts of data for analysis and review, competent staff, and customer-centric approach have significantly transformed pharmacovigilance practices in the contemporary industry1. Consequently, pharmaceutical companies continue to face strict scrutiny, particularly regarding compliance.

Important Milestones in Pharmacovigilance

  • The massive amounts of data continues to complicate drug approval review and safety documentation processes
  • Consumers, regulators, and the industry have become more sensitive to drug safety because of increased public awareness of the negative drug reactions 
  • Such safety concerns have compelled companies to publicly display detailed product safety information. 

Challenges Attributed to the Pharmacovigilance Trends

The urge for systems that adhere to the current legislations require both expertise and time. Therefore, companies are exploring viable strategies to remain productive and competitive amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Such cost-effective strategies include, but are not limited to, partnership with pharmacovigilance partners. 

How to outsource pharmacovigilance

Stakeholders should consider certain factors during pharmacovigilance outsourcing, including the following:

  • Select a partner who is flexible and well-averse with industry practices and the latest trends.
  • Ensure accessibility and smooth communication with your pharmacovigilance partner to speed up the turnaround and uphold patient safety.
  • Ensure that your pharmacovigilance partner has a solid track record, devoid of mistakes and errors. 

What Dokumeds offers

Dokumeds offers high-quality pharmacovigilance services, which uphold the safety of patients at every stage of the drug life cycle, assigning a dedicated and highly experienced team to attend to your needs. At Dokumeds, we have a solid and experienced team of medical professionals with the relevant skills and competence. We have more than 25years of experience, and we adapt to changes, trends, and regulatory demands in the industry. To learn how Dokumeds may assist you with streamlining your pharmacovigilance infrastructure, schedule a brief phone conversation now. ‍


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