Stressed and anxious – Switch to acupuncture

Updated on August 16, 2019

The modern-day life is replete with tasks and challenges! And it is not just related to professional targets and household chores. There’s more on everyone’s plate! There’s the pressure to look good, perform competently at the work front, start a family at the correct time, get the health insurance done, invest smartly in mutual funds to avoid losses and many more. The list is endless! And all these contribute to increased stress and anxiety is everyone’s life.

The 21st-century lifestyle provides us with ample advantages. But it also gives rise to a sedentary lifestyle that causes increased stress and tension. 

If you are popping in a pill, that’s no solution! The cure lies within, inside our body and tissues. Acupuncture is one of the most resorted healing techniques to release stress from the body. You can search for an acupuncture expert and book a session to check if that works for you, where you stay. So, if you are in San Francisco, search for San Francisco acupuncture experts online. 

Can acupuncture help to release stress?

The direct and correct answer is yes! Stress shows up both physical and emotional symptoms. Some of the apparent signs and symptoms include the following:

  • Feeling worried, upset, anxious most of the times
  • Feeling tired all through the day
  • Not being able to sleep during the night
  • Issues with the digestive system
  • Low immunity 
  • Palpitations and chest pains

All these signs indicate that you are stressed! Acupuncture provides the best remedy, as it doesn’t separate the mind from the body. It treats it as a unified whole. Acupuncture affirms that emotional disturbances can leave a mark on the body and mind. So, when the root cause gets addressed and treated, the symptoms start to unfold. And with regular ongoing Acupuncture Oshawa sessions, the symptoms become less acute and gradually dissolve. That reduces the constant feeling of pain and anxiety.

How does acupuncture alleviate stress and anxiety?

Acupuncture brings about several changes and positive impacts in both the brain and body. It can impact your central nervous system. Also, it can boost the release of endorphins, known as the “feel good chemicals” that the brain naturally produces. And this takes away the stress and generates a feeling of well-being.  

Additionally, acupuncture can modify the brainwaves the way meditation does. Studies and research reveal that acupuncture can enhance focus, bring down anxiety, and enhance sleep. Other than the positive physical impacts, it enables you to come face to face with your problems. And when you do that it helps you to move towards a better direction. When you are not afraid of stress, you can combat it better. Also, along with the acupuncture treatments, your therapist might suggest you take on effective stress management practices and activities.

Finally, an acupuncture session is a pleasant experience. You get to relax at a therapist’s chamber. You are asked to lie down with closed eyes and pay attention to all the sensations that occur in your body, as the therapist focuses on your pressure points with harmless needles. The process might come up as unpredictable at first, but soon, the patient starts to feel a remarkable difference. Healing begins as the patient begins to tap on to his/her inner calm more frequently.

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