Strengthen Your Cognitive Abilities with Advanced Nootropics

Updated on March 15, 2019

The human race has always been known for striving to become the best and the competition is none but themselves. The sky is the limit for innovations taking place in the contemporary era. While we, as humans, have developed a plethora of facilities to help us externally, there is yet a lot to discover in inner development. The engineering of our body is in such a way that we puzzle ourselves in discovering our own potential.

We saw what Lucy (from the sci-fi) could do using her 100% mental ability to the extremes. Science fictions are not always the right examples to state scientific progress, but they do hint at what’s coming. The urge to find out the maximum potential of the human body and mind is yet a mystery to most scientists. Nootropics, however, have been a giant stride forward in the direction to discover more about the mind. 

Discovering the Key to Cognitive Advancement

Though the advanced form of nootropic medicine came as late as the 1960s, the naturally occurring substances have been in use for an extended period. Even our bed tea and coffee contains ‘caffeine,’ which is a naturally occurring drug and helps us out when we are heavily stressed. More of these substances in the form of herbs find a mention in a lot of ancient Vedic/Mandarin/Greek texts. 

Now coming to the official discovery, the first experiment with nootropics was during the 1960s when it came into use as a cure for motion sickness. After its successful testing in curing motion sickness, medical experts chose it for experiments related to cognitive enhancements. It was this point in time when in 1972, Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, Romanian medical expert, took big steps in developing these medicines and coined the term ‘Nootropics.’

Stimulating the Brain

Nootropic drugs enhance the brain through complex processes. The brain accounts for the maximum supply of oxygen and blood supply in comparison with the other body parts (around 15%). There are certain molecular and cellular mechanisms taking place inside the brain cells which targets the actions on different body parts; it is these mechanisms which require stimuli that the nootropics are sufficient enough to provide. Nootropics target these specific areas to act upon them.  

Neurons, which are the basis of the brain, are very delicate and complex. Moreover, neurons are irreplaceable. So, it requires a great amount of sensitivity to deal with these parts of the brain. There are certain processes already going in and around the brain cells which help them repair and maintain the neuron cells. Nootropic drugs act on these neurons to cope them against damage and aging.

The glutamate receptors inside our brains act as the primary cognitive agent and are responsible for our intelligence. The neural network spread all over the brain transmits glutamate which in turn enhances the mental abilities. The cholinergic system is another such agent responsible for mental health. The nootropic drugs help out in the enhancement of these systems and ultimately help the brain grow. When these drugs stimulate the brain, you witness the effects.

Learn About the Benefits of These Smart Drugs  

Nootropics or smart drugs help you out in thorough development of the brain. While these medicines have wide-ranging benefits on your mind a lot of which might even go unnoticed, there are many benefits which help you enhance yourself in day-to-day lives. The major effects of these drugs are as follows:

Memory: Nootropic drugs activate brain cells to strengthen your memory both in long and short term ventures. It increases memory performance significantly so that you don’t face problems remembering a lot of things. For students who suffer from lack of memory, their parents can go for proper treatment using nootropic methods which would result in the better memory functions of their child. It helps children to perform better in their academics and other such fields.   

Acetylcholine is the agent responsible for memory growth in both adults and kids. Thus, the nootropic drugs help in the stimulation of acetylcholine and help your mind grow considerably. The enhancements include sharp memory and the ability to catch things quickly and remember it for a long time.    

Mood: You think you stay depressed all day randomly? Do you think it’s just because of the situations around you? Well, there might be more to it. The brain cells go through a lot of chemical reactions affecting the way we think and the way we react to various things happening around us. Various hormonal secretions from internal sources at times cause brain harm, the effects of which result in depression and anxiety.     

If you don’t take proper steps, it may well turn into a long-term disease, causing you great trouble. Nootropic remedies act as one of the best solutions to this side of your problems. There are certain drugs which help in relieving the brain from stress, depression, and anxiety so that it can function smoothly. Drugs like L-Theanine make you stay calm and control your heart rate, making you feel relieved. 

Energy: Do you feel low all the time? Do you think you get mentally tired quickly? Well, this is due to one of your brain functions not carrying out properly.  When they tell you to freshen up, you can’t do it. A lot of the times, even a proper amount of rest doesn’t guarantee you appropriate calmness and relief, as the problem is not there with your rest. It’s there in your head (quite literally).

If the lack of mental freshness and energy is your drawback these days, you need not worry, as there are certain nootropic drugs there to help you out with this problem of yours. These problems occur mainly due to the irregular flow of bloodstream and oxygen to the brain directly.

Drugs like citicoline help you circulate the bloodstream uniformly all over the brain. When the mitochondria in your brain cells receive a fresh supply of blood, your brain is bound to charge up.

Sleep: Are you facing problems in sleeping properly? Well, sleeplessness is a recursive process. The more your brain doesn’t get the rest, the more problems it creates in taking rest. When this process starts building up rapidly it causes you a lot of mental harm. The sense of inflammation in the brain can become fatal in the long term. Lack of sleep has other drawbacks as well.          

Having proper brain supplements help you get rid of sleeplessness due to brain dysfunction. The same nootropic agents responsible for maintaining your mood can help you out in countering insomnia. You can opt for drugs like L-Theanine in these cases. If you get a proper amount of sleep, you will stay fresh throughout the day as your brain would get a proper amount of rest and avoid secretion of fatal agents responsible for cell damage.

Learning: One of the biggest cognitive functions of the mind is learning. When you have the capacity to learn and grasp things quickly, you would surely be able to perform better in all aspects of life. There is a considerable decline in the learning capabilities of humans with an increase in age. These days, due to the influence of various prospects of technology, even the children are losing their learning abilities quickly.  

When the learning ability deteriorates, it doesn’t only affect an individual’s intelligence but also affects the mental capabilities of the individual devastatingly. Therefore, it is a must to take care of learning. If the parents observe their child’s slow learning, they should consult a doctor.  Supplements can help you nourish your child in the aspect of their mental health. It helps develop the abilities to a higher level and sharpens the mind.    

Creativity and Motivation: All the above examples were instances where nootropics were healing something. However, at the start, we discussed boosting the brain. Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room. It’s all true that nootropics help the individuals out in getting rid of their sleeplessness, in better learning, in gaining energy, in rejuvenating the mood, and whatnot! The biggest contribution of nootropics to humankind is not only limited to these damage repair systems.

If you look at the bigger picture, working towards better mental capabilities does much more than filling up the loopholes in the brain. It enhances the cognitive abilities of the individual and helps you stretch yourself against the limits of a layman’s intelligence. Enhancement in an individual’s creativity is something a person would only dream of! When they say creativity is a gifted aspect, tell them ‘NO.’

Scientific Proofs: Various researches and advancements in cognitive science have witnessed the emergence of nootropics as a brain booster which enhances your mind and develops creativity inside you. You can’t even imagine what we are talking about, such as the magnitude of its impact. There are certain drugs which help you gain this boost so that you can perform better than others.  

One of the biggest aims of science is to show the world what it is yet to see. Nootropic is a step in the same direction. So, when you think you need some more to your mental ability, go for nootropics today or may visit for more details.

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