Streaming: Games That You Can Earn with Money

Updated on July 30, 2020

Researchers are now discovering that games can be healthy for us. The health advantages of gaming include improving problem-solving skills, enhancing multitasking skills, increasing new social connections, slowing the aging process, and making a better decision-maker.

Video game streaming is something players want to take part in. Twitch is a viral streaming website where you can earn your first money on your first 500 views. Yes, 500 views, all you have to do is entertain people with your interest to gain viewers. 

For example, You play MOBA games such as League of Legend, Dota, Heroes of new worth, Arena of valor, and many more, and you want to show other people how you play one of those games. All you need is a reliable connection and device to start streaming. 

Earning money was never easy. You need to have that talent and skills to give yourself a good start. Even on streaming, you need to have specific skills to gain viewers. It would help if you had a catchy phrase so that people will recognize you quickly. Here are facts that you might not know about Twitch.

For Real?

Since everyone is familiar with Twitch but not with those specific and unbelievable twitch facts, right? So here are some points that you need to know. Twitch holds the record for having the world’s biggest audience. Isn’t it amazing? Some people might think that it is YouTube, but they are wrong.

So far, Twitch has over one hundred and twenty-four (124) million videos. That is a massive count of streaming videos. Can you believe it? It is the world’s most enormous audience and has a large size of videos. There is around three hundred and fifty-five (355) billion minutes’ worth of content that is watched daily on Twitch.

Best MOBA Games

In 2020 one of the best MOBA games are Dota 2, League of Legends, Arena of valor, Mobile legends, Paladins, and Smite. Dota 2 has one hundred million (100) players with total active players 448,328 daily on steam. League of legends also has a massive count of players with total active players for about twenty-seven million.

Furthermore, League of legends, This MOBA game is top-rated in Korea. This game is a Team-based strategy game wherein two groups of five strong champions fight to destroy the foundation. Pick from more than 140 champions to play spectacular, secure kills, and bring down towers as you pursue your victory.

Dota 2 is one of the best names in all sports. The Valve-made MOBA works alongside every other juggernaut in competitive gaming, with a large player base that spans the entire world. Dota 2 two has a million players around the world. Dota 2 also got these popular teams such as OG, Nigma, TNC, PSD LGD, SECRET, EG, etc.


Streaming can be challenging for everyone. You must earn those views first before making money. Being professional is not always the key to be famous and gain perspectives. You need to think of a very entertaining content so viewers will watch your videos. It can make them like you and maybe, they would refer you to their friends and gain more viewers.

However, you have your other competitors in the streaming world. So you have to be as unique as possible and get the interest of your viewers. Some streamers can get gain many viewers because they are already famous even before they start streaming. But that is not the point here. The thing you need to do is to be confident and informative in every stream.

To be an active streamer, you should have that title of yours so that the viewers who visit your stream will never forget about you. It would be best to have that catchy tagline when you start your video or even a catchy name to attract viewers.

Famous streamers

Falling into the top one is Pewdiepie, this streamer/YouTuber got 105 subscribers. His real name is Felix Kjellberg, with the age of 30. Pewdiepie also has a song that has views of 257,453,722. Another famous streamer is Ninja; his real name is Richard Tyler Blevins, a streamer, YouTuber, and a gamer.

Furthermore, Ninja has 14.6 million followers, with a total view of 481 million. Blevins set the Twitch record for the highest concurrent viewers on a single stream in March 2018. Blevins left Twitch on 1 August 2019 to stream solely on Microsoft’s Mixer site.

Another one is Summit1g; the real name is Jaryd Russell Lazar. His online alias summit1 and is famous for being an American Twitch streamer and former competitive counter-strike: a global offensive player who used to play for professional sports, A51 and Mythic.


We hope that this can help in all the questions you want to ask about MOBA games and how you can gain money by streaming. This article can give you the idea of how important is the entertainment to people. You can also find those guys who got rich because of streaming. You need to remember you should have that skill to earn money on streaming.

A thumb of a rule, to gain more viewers, you must show how interesting you are as always and remember that you can be someone’s role model, so don’t forget to do some good deed to gain the trust of your viewers.

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