Still Recovering From The Holidays? Here’s What To Do

Updated on February 27, 2023
Portrait of stressed young woman near christmas tree

Can you believe it’s already almost February? Does it seem like every year it takes just a little more time to recover than the one before? Do you wake up on January 1st and think to yourself, “Geez, I’m not gonna feel better until January 21st.” Well, don’t worry because you are not alone. You see, the holidays are an indefatigable time in what has been globally one of the most tumultuous periods of history in living memory. There has been upheaval after upheaval that’s occurred in this new decade, and so far there are no signs of the wheel of history slowing down.

So it’s no wonder that when you’re already stressed out from what seems to be a house fire of a year. The holidays will hit you extra hard. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. The comedown from these kinds of stressors isn’t usually particularly graceful. That being said, there are some techniques that you can use to reduce that stress and create some healthy habits in the new year. So if you’re out there looking for ways to calm down after our third pandemic holiday season then look no further! Because we’ve created this amazing guide on some of the best methods to come down from the dizzying highs of Christmastime!

Starting a Journal 

First things first, let’s take a long look at some of the ways we can make sure our head is on straight for the coming year. Most people take their mental health for granted, but if you’re looking to start the new year off on a positive step; then this is something you should pay extra attention to. Something that many people find beneficial when they’re starting their mental health journey is to take up a journal.

Journaling can be a great way to write down and organize your thoughts as well as give some of your innermost feelings a voice. This is especially beneficial if the person in question is experiencing any kind of mixed feelings toward an issue in their life. If you want to start this practice, begin by taking a notebook and each night writing down everything that happened to you in a day. Once you get used to expressing yourself daily, start to talk about how those events made you feel. After you get a hang of that, you can start to draw connections towards certain events and their impact on you.

This allows you to start establishing some of your patterns for yourself. For instance, if you have a certain kind of reaction to a particular topic. You’ll start to notice that reaction reoccurs in your journal entries, and as you begin to notice those kinds of reactions. It then becomes much easier to figure out not only how to deal with those moments of stress, but also how to avoid them if they come calling. However, this is only the first stop on the road to making sure we’re mentally fit! 

Maneuvering Through Mindfulness

Though journaling is a great first step on one’s mental health journey, that’s exactly what it is. A first step. If you want to continue getting healthier then you’ll need to start looking to other sources of stability as well. One of the most effective of these sources is mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness through things like meditation, or art making is one of the most beneficial things one can do for their mental health. It teaches a person how to be present, and fully embrace the moment that they’re living in. If you’re looking to start practicing mindfulness then here’s an easy tip.

Pick a comfy chair or couch (anywhere you feel comfortable) and set a timer for ten minutes. During those ten minutes scan up and down your body. Notice any feelings of tension or stress.

Then let those feelings go. Let the feeling flow through you as if it were water flowing through a river. Once it has passed you’ll notice a profound sense of calm overtake you. That’s the power of mindfulness.  

Keeping It Physical

So now that we have our mental house in order, let’s move to the other side of the equation. Your physical health. The importance of one’s physical health should never be underestimated. It is a tool equally as important as your mental health. That means making sure you are eating well, and getting the exercise you need for your body to stay healthy.

Now, what this can look like can be pretty carried, and everybody is different. So this entry will be a little bit broad, for some of our more advanced exercise enthusiasts. But for our newcomers, it’s important to focus on two main areas. How well you stay hydrated, and what you’re eating. These are the two engines that make exercise work.

If you’re lacking in either of these areas then you are not experiencing the full benefits of your workout. If you find yourself having difficulty keeping hydrated then we suggest making a quick search for an IV bar near me, and making an appointment. IV therapy not only helps with your hydration but can also provide vitamins, and minerals that you may be missing with your diet!


The holidays are stressful in the best of circumstances. And these last couple of years? They’ve been far from the best. So it’s no wonder that someone would feel particularly worn out after the holiday season. However, do not worry because you have options.

If you focus on taking care of yourself, mentally and physically. You’ll start to notice a gradual yet powerful change that’s sure to have a profound effect on the rest of your year!

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