Start Your Own Indoor Weed Factory

Updated on October 11, 2019

The technical advancement has presented with scalable improvements in agriculture. And since the legalization of cannabis, the farmers are more inclined to farming it indoors.

Well, for certain reasons, indoor cannabis farming offers plenty of advantages other than, growing it in natural habitats. Some of these benefits include- scalable yield, desired modifications, and conditioning of the marijuana buds to meet the market demands.

Knowing that you can grow your weed inside, is, of course, overwhelming as it allows for discretion at its best. But is it enough?

Here, in this article, you’ll find all the information that you need to start your indoor weed factory.

You Need A Farm!!

The very first step is to designate a space or a room for your farming. This is crucial as the space you choose would decide how efficiently you grow your weed. Whether you decide to begin with small scale production at the start or you wish to go full scale, having a dedicated space requires ample free regions for you to be able to work on your weed regularly.

It is, however, suggested to begin with a few plants at first. This would allow you to practice your skills and measure any setbacks that you encounter. Whereas, going full scale may risk you a lot of money, which would be foolhardy, unless you are already pro at farming.

Invest To Assist Photosynthesis

The biggest problem with indoor farming is the availability of sunlight. But thanks to technology, you can now opt for artificial lighting equipment. For example, you can check out this list of best LED lights for growing marijuana indoors from 420expertadviser and choose the one suitable for your budget as well as the yield target you decide.

Before you decide on any of the lights, it would be better to know how many types of lights are available in the market. There are LED lights, then there are HID lights, and of course, there are highly efficient but the most expensive option to go for halogen lamps.

Keep Your Farm Ventilated

The next thing you need to take care of is ventilation. Growing cannabis indoors poses threats for the accumulation of high levels of fumes and harmful gases, which are exuded by these plants. In order to balance the indoor environment, you need to invest in proper ventilation.

Additionally, you may need to invest in humidifiers and temperature control systems to assist high-quality production. Supple enough CO2 as well as Oxygen to your indoor farm for better yield.

You Can Opt For Automated Monitoring System

Having to control all the conditions such as lighting, ventilation, humidifiers, and irrigation can simply be tedious. And you can avoid them altogether by investing in an automatic control unit.

An automatic control unit would monitor and control the light and dark hours, and simultaneously provide the appropriate conditions for high-quality yield. And the best part is, all you need to do is click a few buttons and feed a program into your control unit.

Have You Decided On The Growth Medium Yet?

There are primarily two prominent mediums for indoor farming. The first one is the soil medium, which is the conventional mode of farming. You plant a sappling in the soil, water it from time to time and feed it with proper nutritions when needed.

The other one is the most widely accepted by professional weed farmers. Using a Hydroponic medium. It is basically an aqueous solution of minerals and ingredients necessary for the growth of plants. The fascinating part is, this medium eliminates any need for soil and the roots of the plants are directly submerged in the solution.

Using modern mediums for weed cultivation requires additional investment on accessories and equipment.

If you’ve decided to grow your weed indoors, you may need to invest a little more than what you may when farming the conventional way. The very first thing is the selection of seeds. There are specifically curated seeds that grow more efficiently indoors. Since the indoor environment is designed and created artificially, precautious steps become all the more necessary. Secondly, if you choose the hydroponic medium to grow your weed, you may also need to invest in trays to support the plant posture. And then there are special containers that assist micro-climate creation to facilitate individual modifications for each plant.

Having known how indoor farming could be carried out, you may feel the urge to begin it right away. It is, anyhow, still advised that you conduct an extensive market research before investing in any of the equipment.

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