Some of the most popular procedures of plastic surgery

Updated on December 6, 2020

The popularity of plastic surgery for cosmetic improvement of the facial and body contour is growing at a tremendous rate, as evident from data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2018 that showed a sharp rise in minimally invasive surgical procedures by a quarter million over the previous year. The trend that began a few years ago is real even today as more and more people, especially women, are ready to go under the scalpel of LA plastic surgeons

Several factors are driving people towards plastic surgery that improves their looks and enhances self-esteem and life satisfaction. Those who suffer from guilt about their appearance are at one end of the spectrum of people seeking cosmetic surgery. While at the other end is the celebrities who are always under media exposure. It is an innate tendency in all humans to present the best side when facing the world and a love for the body is also a reason for the surge in plastic surgery.

Here are some of the top cosmetic surgical procedures.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation tops the list of cosmetic surgery procedures at any point in time in the US. The procedure helps to enlarge breast size besides making it shapelier.  Plastic surgeons trained in the surgery place breast implants under the chest muscles or breast tissue. While any healthy woman can desire fuller breasts, others who suffer from sagging breasts might go for breast uplifting to regain their shape and figure. Breast augmentation reduces breast size after pregnancy, besides correcting uneven breasts after some other surgical procedure.  


Liposuction is a popular fat removal procedure that removes unwanted fat from various parts of the body, especially the stomach accumulating most fats.  The procedure suits people who are unable to get rid of fat by exercising and dieting. The hips, belly, buttocks, thighs, arms, back, face, and chin is usually the target of the procedure. For undergoing the procedure with some risks, your body weight must be at least 30% of the ideal weight, your skin must have the desired level of elasticity, and you must be a non-smoker.

Nose reshaping

Also known as Rhinoplasty or nose-job in common parlance is a reconstruction surgery of the nose to change its shape and or size. Sometimes it might be necessary to improve the nasal function by addressing issues related to breathing problems. However, most of the nose jobs are for cosmetic improvement to enhance the appearance. The procedure can alter the bone, cartilage, and skin to achieve the desired result.

Eyelid surgery

If you have defects and disfiguration of your eyelids, you can correct it through plastic surgery. Those who have droopy eyelids are the right candidates for the procedure that can improve the eyes’ aesthetics and make it more attractive. Yu can correct the upper and lower eyelids based on your need.

Tummy tuck

To display a flat and taut stomach, you must get rid of the fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles through the tummy tuck, a type of plastic surgery. After removing the excess skin and fat, it aims at a former and smooth abdominal profile.

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