Social Stereotypes that Can Influence Your Relationships

Updated on November 23, 2020

Most of us believe that we have total control over who we date, and perhaps even who we choose to marry. That may be the case for a select few, as social stereotypes play a significant role in how relationships pan out, sometimes creating tension. That being the case, it’s important to know how these biases can hinder one’s relationship, but more importantly, how to go about overcoming them. One way or another, most of the stereotypes are imposed by our society, get rid of them with This web-based resource gives users peace of mind, taking into account safety matters while eliminating stereotypes.

The Influence of Society on Relationships 

Perhaps the most annoying of these influences is who people think you should be dating or marrying. The number one issue most couples have to deal with is condemnation or ridicule based on one’s choice of a partner. It’s no secret that friends and family, in one way or another, influence how we perceive our love-connections. Society can hinder when one comes out of the closet and chooses to date a member of the same sex. 

It becomes even more of an issue when a young girl decides to date a mature man. These influences, mostly based on skewed ideas of what’s morally acceptable, end up causing heartaches, leading to breakups in some couples. Since time immemorial, society has influenced how we perceive ourselves and what our perfect partner should act and look like. These influences play a major role in the exceeding cases of unhappily married couples. 

How Age Difference Influences Relationships 

Age is nothing but a number – this clichéd statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Dating an older man or woman requires incredible resilience, especially due to negative feedback from society. Aside from dealing with stares and snide comments from the public, there are several issues such a couple has to deal with from within. These include:

  • Immaturity – an older man in a relationship with a young lass may feel that her behavior mimics his kids. Instead of being in a relationship with a lover, he may feel like he is babysitting. It can negatively affect the girl who may feel insecure and unwanted. 
  • Goals – any older partner may feel their goals aren’t in tandem with their younger half. In cases where the man is still barhopping and risk-taking, the lady’s marriage and career goals may differ from what the man has in mind. These differences cause turmoil between such couples. 
  • Society – society can make or break a relationship with a wide age-gap, usually the latter. People scrutinizing, jeering, and gossiping about these relationships usually leads to couples breaking up. On the extreme, some couples elope, while others are left disgruntled. 

Influence of Cross-Cultural Differences on Relationships 

These differences can only lead to more exposure and mixed-race families. At least, that’s what certain couples seek out of such relationships, but there is a downside to this. On the flip side, some cultures have long-running beliefs that are considered primitive and perhaps even degrading. Dating someone who believes in wife-inheritance can leave any woman shocked in disbelief and running for her life. However, a culture that holds family bonds in high regard is good for all couples, regardless of one’s upbringing. In some cultures, women are regarded as outright disrespectful if they wear pants or speak their minds. However, modern times dictate that a lady speaks her mind, offering her opinions in social or family-oriented matters. Cross-cultural relationships have stood the test of time because couples choose to veer away from societal expectations. 

Tips on How to Deal with Stereotypes 

  • Decide that you need to be with someone for the right reasons. If you choose a Caucasian man over an ethnic lad because of some fantasy, you’ll be hard-pressed trying to convince family members they are the one. If it’s love you’ve found, let that be the foundation of your union. 
  • Find friends who understand you and stick with them. Friends can be major influencers on how a relationship pans out and whether you do find love in the end. The opposite is a match made in hell, with family and friends shunning you. 
  • Use online dating and other discreet methods of finding a likeable and compatible mate. It’s easier than visiting public events or bars, and it also gives you more control over who you engage with. 


Dealing with stereotypes can be less stressful if you use modern approaches. Age-old beliefs and stereotypes can be overwhelming, which is why it is important to recognize them as you pursue a new relationship. So happy hunting as you drive off nay-sayers and bring in new, culturally diverse love into your life!  

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