Smoking weed might not be dangerous – A few important factors to know

Updated on September 26, 2019

The 21st century world is all about interesting discoveries and growing knowledge! The old and limiting beliefs and norms are gradually fading away. New ways of thinking and alternative therapies are becoming more prevalent. Naturally, smoking weed today doesn’t get a horrible name as it used to a decade back. People are changing their perspectives. It doesn’t go on to say that people are becoming comfortable with smoking and are encouraging this toxic habit. But when it comes to smoking weed, which is Cannabis, people are changing their mindset.

Cannabis can heal and relax

It’s been a long time that a few schools of thought tried to establish the health benefits of Cannabis. However, strict norms and limited thinking didn’t allow social movements supporting weed consumption and legalization, to last long. Today, people are willing to experiment with a product, first hand, before they conclude. Since there are studies that have established the benefits of Cannabis, people are keen to buy weed online

Do you still think smoking weed can be dangerous? If yes, you need to know the benefits of Cannabis and smoking weed, to decide better. 

Less weight and obesity

According to recent studies, people who smoke weed are less likely to become obese. They are more on thinner and leaner than cigarette smokers. Usually, cannabis consumers have a low BMI (Body Mass Index), which is a good health sign. If you are planning to lose weight, you can quit cigarette and smoke weed instead. 

Helps in enhancing the lung function

Since cigarette is injurious to health and especially lungs, people often think that it is the same with weed. Weed smokers don’t affect their lungs, just by smoking a joint. On the contrary, smoking weed is said to result in enhanced lung function, unlike cigarette smoking. According to the researchers working on publishing their findings in the “Journal of the American Medical Association,” the big drag that weed smokers take, helps the lungs to function effectively.

It can diminish cancer cells

It has been an ongoing claim. However, the medical world needs more evidence to approve the claim. But there have been numerous anecdotal evidences of Cannabis, i.e., weed curing Cancer. It helps to kill the cancer cells. There are instances when Cancer patients were allowed to inhale the smell of Cannabis, and they felt much better before and after the chemotherapy. We need more medical evidence to prove this. There are dedicated clinical trials taking place for this purpose.

It improves creativity

Many songwriters and artists often use Cannabis or smoke weed to enhance their mental faculties. Smoking weed increases creativity and allows a person to come up with unique ideas. It helps the mind to place all its worries, tension, and negativity at the backseat and switch on their thinking cells. That helps them to compose songs and come up with other creative ideas.

These are some of the benefits that take away the negativity from smoking weed. However, it is essential to ensure that you smoke weed in moderation. Anything in excess is never good. Hence, it’s always best to maintain a little caution.

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