Slow Juicer is the best in the Juicing world

Updated on November 2, 2020

Juicing is the latest fancy food technology sweeping the entire health world. There are various juicers, but the common one is a slow juicer machine and fast juicers you can choose from. But for a conscious person with many yearly health reforms, you are limited to the best options-slow Juicer with unlimited advantages.

Difference between a slow juicer and a fast juicer

Every Juicer uses a set of rotating blades and motors to power them. There are significant differences between slow and fast juicers. For a fast juicer, the motor rotates the blade at a very high blinding speed. It can crush tones of fruits within no time. On the other hand, a masticating juicer commonly referred to as a slow juicer machine; the motor rotates at a plodding speed; if you are fast enough, you can even count the rotations.

The speed is measured in rounds per second. A masticating juicer is a tortoise in the world of machines that goes for 200 rpm. The speedy fast Juicer goes up to 10000rpm.

Characteristics of the slow Juicer

Diversity is employed everywhere; that is why we need to highlight some of the critical differences manufacturers secretly incorporated into their machines. The following are some of the key differences you should contemplate while shopping for one. 


Slower juicers take on two distinct postures, vertical and horizontal. While you can’t go wrong in selecting either one of them but let’s breakdown each division;

Vertical Juicer requires less space; hence it’s a better option for a squeezy kitchen.

The horizontal is loaded with many attributes that its counterpart lacks. For instance, it’s a versatile equipment that can convert a wide variety of ingredients like nuts into juice. However, it might be much slower than the vertical type; hence it is a very functional kitchen appliance that you will regret missing it.

Single and double auger 

Simple setting, but the excellent result is credited to a double auger juicer. An auger is the gear mechanism that helps in manipulating motors’ speed to release energy. Meanwhile, the more the number of augers, results in better power, which is translated to high performance. A single auger juicer is best suited for small families. 

Why choose a slow juicer machine over the faster Juicer 

If you have been keen enough, this question is already answered. As a newly crowned king of juicing, a slower juicer machine is a perfect choice to help you follow strict dietary guidelines. It removes all the nutrients from fruits, nuts, and vegetables during crushing to the juice.

Many home appliances have a certain degree of noise. The slow juicer machine is the odd one out. It operates like a breeze, you can’t hear it, but you can feel the taste of its products. It is so quiet and cool to suit a serene home setting.

Unlike its counterpart, this Juicer produces a consistent pulpy juice with the same taste with extra nutrients. 

A slow juicer machine is a piece of equipment that upgrades the state of a home. Its numerous advantages bring up a healthy family. Enjoy good moments with your loved one while sipping a pulpy, fruity, healthy juice from a slow juicer.

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