Slip and Fall Injuries That You Need to Be Wary Of

Updated on September 28, 2020

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There are many accidents that can happen in a person’s day. Some can be annoying, but harmless, like having soda spilled on your favorite shirt. Others,  such as car accidents, can be traumatic and destructive. These types of accidents almost always result in a serious injury, or in some cases, death.

Some accidents are more insidious in nature; Slip and fall accidents may seem like a normal thing to happen, especially as children, but the truth is that slip and falls can be dangerous to adults, and they are especially dangerous to the elderly, and they are one of the leading causes for emergency room visits all over the U.S. 

While you may feel fine immediately after a slip and fall accident, there may be injuries that have yet to manifest. With this in mind, it’s important to be aware of these potential injuries:

Broken Bones

A bone breaks when it is subjected to pressure beyond what it can withstand. A fall can easily create a significant amount of pressure on the bones, especially upon impact. The older a person is, the more likely they could break a bone.

Sprained Wrists or Ankles

A sprain occurs when a ligament in your wrists or ankles gets torn during a fall. This is likely to happen because of our innate reaction to losing balance; our bodies automatically try to compensate for the loss of balance by flaring the arms out to cushion the fall.

Sprains create problems for victims by limiting mobility, hindering them from performing basic movements such as walking. These types of injuries will often require wrist or ankle surgery so that a patient can regain mobility.

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder dislocations are incredibly painful. They occur when a victim’s shoulder takes the brunt of the impact of the fall. Sometimes, a victim may even reach out and jar his shoulder in the process. Shoulder dislocations require immediate surgery, as there’s a real chance that nerves and blood vessels may have also been damaged.

Traumatic Brain injury

Contrary to popular belief, traumatic brain injuries can occur during a fall whether the victim hits their head or not. All it takes to sustain a traumatic brain injury is a significant jolt to the head. If left untreated, a traumatic brain injury may cause chronic pain for several months and may even result in irreparable damage. 


Regardless of the injury sustained in a slip and fall accident, it’s important to consult with a lawyer to help you secure compensation for your injuries, as they will require prompt medical treatment.

Failure to treat these injuries could lead to a diminished quality of life because of the constant pain, the inability or reduced ability to perform basic movements, and even a disqualification from certain jobs because of a disability (though, thanks to technology, people with disabilities now have more job opportunities). Remember that injuries do not just harm your body, they also harm your ability to earn an income. Always do your best to reduce your risk of falling.

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