Skullcap Herb Benefits

Updated on May 26, 2021

Skullcap is a herb that derives from the mint family and has been used in Chinese and native American traditional medicines for centuries. Now, however, the herb is accessible worldwide for taking as a supplement that will benefit a huge array of health conditions. Here are the main benefits of introducing skullcap into your life.

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Keeps You Calm

Skullcap has been found to boost your mood and reduce anxiety so that you can keep calm in stressful situations. This is due to the plant stimulating gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that calms nerves. This is why skullcap has been used in the past as a sedative to cure conditions such as insomnia and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can often lead to heart palpitations that make you feel like your heart is racing or beating faster than usual which isn’t a welcome experience; however, skullcap has been found to reduce the chances of increased heart palpitations and keep your heartbeat calm. Keeping calm at home and work might not only be beneficial for the people around you but it has an abundance of other mental health benefits including being in greater control of your emotions, being able to hear your own thoughts, and enhancing creative flow.

Use Skullcap as an Antibacterial

Skullcap has been found to have powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. It has most commonly been used to treat intestinal bacterial overgrowth naturally, however, most recently it has demonstrated antibacterial activity against a bacterium which is the leading cause of pneumonia, called Acinetobacter Baumannii (XDRAB). This is promising feedback from one little herb and proves its power against life-threatening conditions. In fact, studies have showed that it has better antibacterial effects than colistin, a common antibiotic. Check out Strauss Remedies to start benefitting from skullcap’s special antibacterial properties.

Acts as An Anti-Inflammatory

By taking skullcap, you will also benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties since it includes a range of plant compounds, including antioxidants. These help to reduce free radicals in your system and protect your cells from damage, the most notable antioxidant being baicalin which can cause prostate and cervical cancer cells to die, along with significantly reducing the growth of ovarian and pancreatic cancer cells. Another compound of the plant, Scutallarein has also been found to have anti-cancer properties, along with another flavonoid compound contributing to the treatment of allergic conditions such as rhinitis. Further research is being done, looking into the 50 other flavonoids that may provide anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that the health benefits could be even wider than evidence has previously suggested.

There is no denying that taking a skullcap supplement can help to benefit your lifestyle in a variety of ways, however, do be aware that with all medicines there can be unwanted side effects, such as giddiness, mental confusion, and twitching. Therefore, address your medical practitioner before taking herbal supplements and try not to exceed the recommended dosage. Furthermore, you can take skullcap as a tea in a less concentrated form to still benefit from all of its properties while limiting your chances of suffering from any of the side effects.

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