Six Tips to Regrow Thinning Hair

The world is turning into an aesthetic-conscious place which is why beauty is an essential part of the modern person. Every part of a human body dependently works with another to accomplish a desired aesthetic appeal, therefore making hair important for both men and women as a compliment for the beauty needs.

However, the different stages of hair growth, that is, growth, rest and shedding, can be distressing. While everyone experiences hair thinning, some people experience it worse when their hair is pushed more towards the shedding stage, resulting in hair loss, sometimes permanently. Fortunately, thinning hair can regrow, and here are six tips to guide you through:

Choose better diet

As important as a balanced diet is to your body, so it is to your hair. A lot of what you eat directly and indirectly affect your hair growth. Hair is made up of proteins, which makes this one of the most required food nutrients to incorporate into your meals to boost hair growth. Meals like fish, bean and lean meat should make it to your meal plan.

Besides, other nutrients like iron, zinc, and magnesium play a fundamental role in growing healthy hair or rather to prevent further hair thinning and hair loss.

Use lemon

Lemon is one of the best natural remedies to most things, including clearing skin from dark marks. In this case, however, lemon juice can be used for regrowing hair. Lemon juice and lemon oil can help you maintain a healthy scalp and enhance hair growth.

Massage your hair and scalp with lemon juice 10-20 minutes before your shampooing. If you determine to use the lemon oil, you can dilute it with a carrier oils, say, coconut oil, or as a hair mask.

Try out essential oils

Oils are vital for your hair because they add and trap moisture in your hair, providing an extra layer of protection from dryness and breakage. The good thing with using essential oils on your hair is that they are a natural remedy for hair regrowth.

The most common types of oils are coconut and olive oils, but the list is way longer. People have tried out different oils types like rosemary oil, geranium oil, fish oil, and peppermint, among others. The easiest technique to get the best of different oils is to use a mixture of oils to massage your scalp and hair.

However, it is necessary that you consult your dermatologist to have a better understanding on which oils could work for you without allergic reactions.

Use supplements

Sometimes you need help with your thinning hair. Taking vitamin supplements specifically designed to boost hair growth can do the trick. Viviscal is one of the most popular hair supplement tried by most people. It is a natural hair-growth supplement made of minerals and vitamins and a couple of other ingredients that help regenerate new cells for your hair growth.

Try out supplements that can work for you by first consulting a specialist for guidance. You can also go for shampoos and conditioners that contain the Viviscal element.

You can read this kirlands minoxidil review to know more about the product which is made to thicken your hair.

Get a scalp massage

Massage does not have a soothing and relieving feeling for your body, but also for your scalp. Hair thinning exposes part of your scalp which can be discomforting. While massage does not substantially increase your hair growth rate, it improves the thickness of your hair strands. This is an appropriate fix for thinning hair, as you work on growing it longer. This is also one of the tips that Hair Guard gives.

Instead of always relying on mascara, eyeshadows or hair sprays to give the illusion of thicker hair, and you can try out scalp massage and enjoy a thick mane.

Aloe Vera treatment

It is proved that Aloe Vera has a soothing effect on the skin and scalp. Since dandruff is one of the situations you should get rid of to prevent hair loss, use Aloe Vera to reduce it.

Aloe Vera is also responsible for unblocking blocked hair follicles which facilitates hair growth. Grab an Aloe Vera hair gel and rub it on your scalp, or choose hair products, for example, conditioners and shampoos, that contain Aloe Vera ingredient.

Remember, as you aim to regrow your thinning hair, your plan should be to grow a healthy lustrous mane for the whole head. Find this helpful? You can also check out more on a couple of tried and tested beard trimmers for proper grooming on