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Updated on April 15, 2019

Our sensory organs are both sharp and delicate. They help in making our instincts strong. But when the time comes, we need to take care of them, so that the organs function well. Two of the most important sensory organs we have are our nose and ears. From time to time, we need to get a general checkup done to ensure we are healthy. However, sometimes there are the mild nose and ear infections and irritations that we completely miss out on. It is here that we need to opt-in for the correct medical advice.

Our ears and nose help us to listen and smell. These are two strong sensory perceptions that shape our sixth sense as well as the reflex. To know more on this, you can get in touch with ear doctor Singapore at

Some of the ear problems that you shouldn’t overlook

Minor ear problems can lead to significant issues. Sometimes loud music can make the ear go numb. Problems like short blocks when on a plane and ear wax are common issues. But if you witness the following concerns, you need to visit an ENT specialist at the earliest:

  • A numbing pain in your inner ear resulting in partial ear block
  • Constant ear wax generation
  • A continuous flow of mucus and debris coming out from the ear
  • If you hear a ringing sound in the ear or a constant sound of crickets
  • If you’ve had an accident and have hurt your neck region always make it a point to show it to a doctor. 
  • Sometimes, inner ear problems are represented by a slight giddy tendency when you are changing positions or tilting your head
  • When you get overzealous with ear cleaning and end up hurting the eardrum with a bud
  • A general check up to clear the war wax

Some of the nose problems that you shouldn’t overlook

Nose is related to breathing. Most problems will occur with the breathing pattern that you mustn’t overlook anyway. That aside a few other issues that you should address are:

  • Never ignore a burning sensation in the nose. Sometimes, the nostrils can get inflamed because of harmful pollutants in the air as well as smoke. It can create a burning sensation for a while when inhaled. However, if the burning sensation continues over some time, make sure that you visit an ENT for further treatment. Sometimes, the harsh pollutant particles can irritate the inner skin, which needs to be treated.
  • Never ignore nose bleeds. Sometimes, nose bleeds happen in children and adults because of acute dehydration. It can be solved by drinking lots of water. But to be on the safe side, its best to take a medical assessment. 
  • Sometimes, pollutants in the house like air-borne bacteria and other dust particles can get into the nostrils and infect the respiratory tract. So if you are sneezing too often without having cold and have other breathing issues head to the ENT’s chamber. 

There are several other reasons why you need to visit an ENT. However, the symptoms mentioned above are the common issues that you can face. With proper treatment, you can heal it all.

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