Simple ways to be happy 

Updated on January 16, 2020

Everyone wants to be happy. But the meaning of happiness is very special for each of us. Some people think they need a lot of money to make their dreams come true. For many of us being happy involves a large family and many true friends. Health, beauty and youth are also considered integral parts of the concept of happiness.

Most people can’t imagine themselves being happy without their sincere love. So they try to find it in offline and online. That’s why websites like ukrainian dating online are so popular. But the truth is that happiness can be much more simple and clear. Because to be happy means to be grateful and satisfied enough, so you don’t seek for more.

Your happiness doesn’t depend upon any indicator of your success. It doesn’t even concern your future. Because true happiness is living in this very moment, and feeling how beautiful it is. So all you need is to use some very simple ways to be happy.

Your happiness is somewhere over here

Men and women from Ukraine usually think more about their everyday troubles and future challenges than about the value of their present. But when they manage to wake up from the hassle and eternal busyness, this nation knows how to enjoy life so that many others have what to learn from him.

Enjoy the moment, live your life, and use every opportunity to feel yourself happy. And we prepared some very easy tips for you to become happier even today.

Start with a smile

Sometimes it can be quite difficult – to smile when everything is not going as it should. But your smile is the simplest thing you can do to grab all your willpower together and just go on. And if you’re ok, but not in a good mood you should smile all the more! According to several studies when unhappy people, or those in stressful situations, force a smile, the tension decreases a bit.

So your smile, even forced, can inspire and allow you to see a better side of a difficult situation.

Don’t worry so much about your work

It’s always better not to take home your work with you – in any sense. Remember that your boss and colleagues can influence your mood only during your working hours – and only in some cases. Don’t let your work consume all 24 hours of your everyday life. Take a break during the day, eat lunch somewhere far from your working place, and go for a walk (if it’s possible). Stop answering all messages and calls on weekends and in the evening when you’re at home. Devote some time to you and your family or friends.

Sleep more and feel better

Your sleep should be refreshing and give you enough power to start the next day. In this case, you can feel better and have a better mood. If you get a good shut-eye it will definitely make you happier. The thing is not just about having a rest for 7-8-10 hours per night. The more comfortable is your sleep, the more it suits your rhythm of life – and the more effective it is. To have a good rest you should go to bed before midnight but not late in the night as many of us do.

Exercises can make you happier

Did you know that avoiding training is not good not just for our body, but for our mental health too? The secret for good exercises is that they modulate such brain chemicals as dopamine and norepinephrine. That helps you to deal with stress and gives you a feeling of happiness.

And of course, your beauty and wellness bring you positive emotions, make you self-assured. That’s also important.

Every evening remember one thing you’re really grateful for

Some people usually make it a part of their evening prayer. But even if you don’t pray this will work. Just remember and say to yourself this little thing. This will be a nice ending of your day. And such it habit can definitely make you a bit happier.

Make a 2-minutes pause for ‘doing nothing’

Too busy to make a little stop? Just sit still for a couple of minutes and you’ll find out that nothing happens. So you can have a little time for yourself to enjoy this very moment of your life. And you don’t need to consume something during this time, because it’s not about watching TV, eating etc. It’s just your relaxation, calmness and happiness.

Laugh more – for any reason

Did you know that laughter can release your stress, and make you happier? That’s true, so when you’re in a good mood use this situation to giggle with a nice friend or watch a funny movie. These emotions also can make you happier, and small joyful moments will turn into a whole happy day.

Put your phone away more often

According to the results of the study held in 2017, keeping the mobile phone out from the sight helps people get acquainted, be more concentrated on what they do than on what they see taking their cell phones. Such face-to-face interactions get people closer and often make them a bit happier.

Spend more time with your pet – if you have it

Your dog, cat, fish, lizard – no matter, whatever you may have – can make you more calm and healthy. Our pets bring us harmony that we need so much. And we should bring them happiness in return, take care of them.

Help other people

Indeed, generosity often makes people happier. Especially those, who are generous, even a little bit. Such people lead others, give them positive emotions – and get them instead. You will be surprised how happy you can be donating or helping volunteers.

Learn to forgive

It’s important for your self-assurance, mental health and feelings in general. If you forgive, it means you let go all your negative memories, resentment and bitterness. But instead, you get real relief, new strength and new hope.

Sometimes it’s better just to cry

It may seem funny but a good cry also can help you get rid of stress and sadness. Of course, you’ll be upset for some time – but not so long. Your relief is worth this little discomfort. As different studies show, most people feel much happier after having a good cry – even if they cry because of some movie.

And the last tip is: imagine that you’re happy. Even though, everything is not so good now. But you can think about something that makes you happy. That can be some very simple things, your close people, funny moments of your life. And then this feeling of true happiness will come back to your life.

What are your own simple ways to be happy?

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