Simple Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Soccer Bet

Updated on April 19, 2021

Although we can never avoid mistakes entirely, we, as humans, try as much as possible to make sure that we prevent them. Considering errors that cost money, the desire to avoid them becomes bigger. Nobody loves to lose money, not even gamblers.

Punters who have been in the industry for a long time understand the need to avoid betting mistakes that could lead to a loss. Here, in this review, Kate Richardson draws from her well of experience concerning simple errors that could cost you a bet. She is an expert in this field; you can check out her profile here.

Virtually, we would discuss simple mistakes that could cost you a bet in this review. This would be of great help for your gambling journey. Bettors, especially those who use the comeon app, can now place soccer bet with greater accuracy. The comeon app is available to both android and iOS users and can be downloaded from the bookmaker’s site.

Mistakes to avoid when betting on soccer 

Every punter wants to be that gambler that always hits his bet and goes home with a lot of cash. His accuracy is due to his long-term practice of strategies that work and avoid a terrible decision. Here are simple mistakes that could ruin your soccer bet:

  • Betting with emotions

As humans, we tend always to get our emotions involved in our dealings. For instance, as soccer fans, we have our favourite teams. Often, when our favourite teams play against teams with better potential, we tend to favour our favourite team. This has led to many gamblers losing their bet.

The fact that we have favourites doesn’t imply that we have to always bet on them. This is a fact that every gambler must come to terms with. Sometimes, our favourites could be an underdog in a match despite them being our favourite.  

  • Excess Plays 

We all fall victim to this mistake. Most times, due to previous losses, we try to catch up. This leads us to place multiple bets. Here, we go after quantity rather than quality. This mistake always has a downbeat ending because we place these bets in haste.

Betting on too many games could lead to crushing your bank. Punters should avoid this mistake like the plague. Gamblers should instead choose quality bets over quantity.

  • Switching Unit Size

Most punters have the habit of changing their strategy now and then. For instance, usually, punters are advised to set out a particular amount to wager for a game. Often, when the game starts, they fall into the trap of wanting to increase that amount. This is also a result of their emotions being unbalanced.

Ideally, this is a no-no deal. You need to understand money management to a great degree. You have to stick to the amount you have previously set out to stake on a bet. Even if you have a hot hand, you should not increase this amount. If the bet goes wrong, you shouldn’t try to rescue such a bet by winning everything back in a single bet.

  • Stake what you can

Most punters stake for games with extra money that they cannot afford to lose. It would be best if you learned how to stay within your means. Using a credit card to place bets is a no-no. It would be best if you did not gamble with your finances in such a manner.

Sincerely, betting with money you do not have is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a gambler. Gambling isn’t a movie script that ends with the actor winning. It is a serious business. You could end up in a terrible financial state. It is essential to set a precise amount and stay within that range. Don’t go overboard trying to prove a point.

  • Lack of understanding 

Knowledge is power. We have taken a survey and noticed that many punters don’t understand the bets they place. They just quickly put out these bets without proper understand or knowledge about it.

Punters who understand value would stake on games that give them a better deal. Understanding the value of a bet and ensuring you are getting the best out of it is the best way to get accurate results.

  • Following “Scamdicappers”

Punters who get into betting by following self-proclaimed handicappers usually end up making a lack of informed decisions. This is a terrible mistake most punters, especially newbies, tend to make. We advise that you should stay away from such individuals who want to rip you off your money.

Take out time to study your soccer games. Every clue you need to place real bets is before you. It is not rocket science, and you can do this.

  • Low-self-esteem.

Lack of ideal self-esteem has led to punters astray. Interestingly punters would have a nudge to place a particular bet type or make specific predictions but would end up not trusting their guts. Not believing in yourself is a terrible mistake made by most punters.

You are a gambler and also a soccer fan. This means you have insight into the game, and you can make an accurate prediction regarding your soccer bets. Study more, do quality research, and you can place bets that result in a good outcome.

Conclusively, humans cannot avoid mistakes entirely. Many parameters could make a prediction go wrong. Error on the coach, team or players could also affect the outcome of a match, thereby affecting your bet. However, comeon app punters could avoid certain mistakes. Those mistakes have been carefully listed in this guide. You can place more accurate bets if you avoid these mistakes common to punters. Also, believe in your instincts. You can be the best gambler in history. If you’re looking to weed out your mistakes via a multifaceted betting market, then you should consider getting the comeon app.

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